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The mysterious river

                                     The mysterious river

Part- 1

In the midst of Pulchritude River and lush green vegetation, there was an independent house embellished with colorful walls and a commodious garden. There resided three brothers, namely Richard, Mac, and Donald pursuing their graduation. Everything cruises smoothly in their life till Mac’s missing. One day walking through the dense forests, all the three have causerie with each other. Feeling thirsty, Mac motions along the riverside to get some water and goes missing thereafter. Richard and Donald start searching for him but fail to get his whereabouts.

Richard: How did he disappear suddenly, Donald?

Donald: I don’t know brother, even I am flummoxed.

Richard: He went towards Riverside, isn’t it?

Donald: Exactly, I am also tensed.

Richard: Let’s motion towards the river and have a glance.

Donald: Sure, why not?

Richard: Nothing is insight here.

Donald: I agree, there is pin-drop silence.

Richard: yes, it is a sequestered spot cut off from the public.

Donald: What can we do now?

Richard: Let’s inform the cops.

Donald: It won’t solve the problem because he abruptly disappeared.

Richard: Then, what is the alternative of finding him?

Donald: The problem might be with the river.

Richard: Heralds like that only.

Donald: Priest in the church could help us, what do you say?

Richard: You are right.

Both of them head onto the church to seek the help of the father.

Father: Dear children, how could I help you?

Donald and Richard replied, father, we are in deep trouble as our brother went missing a few minutes back.

Father: How did this happen?

Donald: We don’t know.

Father: Have you intimated the cops?

Richard: No father, we do not want to publicize it.

Father: it’s ok; let us move to the spot where he went invisible.

All three rush toward the riverside to break the nut of this case.

Donald and Richard explained this is a place where he came to drink water and disappeared all of a sudden.

Father: Ok fine, let me make circumspection of this place before I say anything.

Donald: Sure father, please.

Father: Don’t disturb me while praying.

Richard: Ok father, we comply with you.

Father opens his eyes and stumbles them by telling them that this area is haunted.

Donald: What! Come again.

Father: I dare say, the place is haunted.

Richard: Oh no! We are thrown into hell then.

Father: Definitely and you duo might be the next target.

Donald and Richard are shattered and beseech their father to help them.

Father: I am also in a trouble now.

All the three quit the place at the earliest.

Donald: Father, has Mac been killed.

Father: Yes he is no more.

Father: We three are in deepest trouble now due to our visiting there.

Richard: Could we stop this from happening?

Father: May or may not be.

Donald: What can we do now?

Father: Keep this rosemary necklace with you all the time.

Richard: Yes father, we will.

Father: All the best children, you can leave now.

Donald and Richard return to their home taking the necklace with them.

Father feels something portent inside his room when his household items start breaking one after the other

and in a fraction of seconds he’s nailed to death.

Donald and Richard rush to his home after perceiving the news and become astonished to see his body mutilated.

Both brothers run for their lives out of fear without turning back and when Donald steps into the home, he finds Richard’s presence nowhere near-by his surroundings.  

Coming back to the forest in a bid to locate Richard, Donald finds him dead near the river bank and filled with trepidation and anxiety returns home in a state of despair. 

It is the dark side of twilight, an arid wind with smoky fog environing the area, bird’s singing is muted, sky suffused with black color with no moonlight, leaves fluttered from the trees and heavy rain began after some time.

Donald goes berserk seeing all this and starts pondering to rescue himself from the problem. His heart starts throbbing, sweat slides down from his head, hands and legs shiver, and yells out of fear. A palpable sense of loss had smitten him due to which he sat at the corner of the wall in a poignant condition.

Will Donald come out of this problem or be succumbed to death like his brothers and priest?

Will he be in a position to kill the devil?

Will he come out of the fear?

Will the gloomy aura ever disappear?

The next part of the story will unveil the mystery.


Donald languidly gets up from the corner and gives a fleeting glimpse at his surroundings ruminating what happened? but is bewildered to see things in order as if nothing took place.

Morning appeared to be refreshing and warm with birds chattering, rays of sun falling slant on windows,

He questions himself,  Am I the only person left in this forlorn place?

Food is ready on the table with a dish placed over it and the clock striking 7 at the night turn things helter-skelter eliciting an array of terrifying incidents.

Would I ever end this problem or become a victim of the same, in a trembling voice he moves to the riverside.

He finds a blue-colored box beyond the river which contains a hidden secret to kill the devil.

He breaks the lock and finds a booklet inside which explicitly gives instructions to end the conundrum.

After that, he picks up the box and moves to his home.

The moment he enters inside, he sees a dark ugly burnt wizard and steps back growling

Wizard: Hey Herr! You have disturbed me by coming towards Riverside; I will send your soul for rest soon.

Donald: No you can’t! Because I am going to end you forever. Your time is very short.

Wizard: Don’t talk nonsense. You humans can’t supersede supernatural powers, understood!

Donald: It is only your dream.

Wizard: Huh! You have opened a Pandora box.

Donald: What do you mean?

Wizard: It is a box fabricated by me so that any person who comes over there to open it would foist trouble for himself by relieving me physically.

Donald: Oh no!

Wizard: I will drag you inside, don’t panic.

Donald: I won’t let you do that, saying, he puts the box down, and a piece of mirror breaks from its rear end.

Wizard: Hey! Don’t do that, I am burning.

Donald: I will break the mirror and crumble you into the pieces.

Slowly, he hits the mirror with a brick until it breaks into minute pieces and throws the box away.

Wizard burns and disappears.

Donald breathes easy and saunters into his house to pack the luggage and vacates the home permanently.

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