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Chapter 2: Was it Love?

The First Day

The bus journey began and the shouts and giggles of the students filled the bus. They merrily chit-chatted with others, tremendously excited to be going on the trip. The atmosphere in the bus was electrifying, and the noise made it similar to a fish market. However, after an initial couple of hours, the students started feeling drowsy, and a few slept off. The effect of getting up early in the morning to catch the bus started showing. Others went quiet, busy checking out their Whatsapp and Instagram or listening to music on their phones. Rohan sat silently in the back seat, just looking out of the window as they passed vast lush-green farms, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.

They reached their first destination of the trip by early evening. It was a small but beautiful town famous for its monuments, temples, and artifacts. They checked into their hotel rooms, and Rohan chose a room with Akash. The students were to meet at the restaurant after freshening up. The dinner went by uneventfully, and everyone retired back to their rooms to rest and catch up on their lost sleep. Rohan and Akash settled in their beds, turned off the lights, and soon, he could hear Akash snoring. After fidgeting with his mobile phone for an hour and still unable to sleep, Rohan decided to go downstairs for a walk. There was a beautiful garden at the back side, and it was a bank of a small river flowing by.

The Night

Rohan was bored and felt a little melancholy. To make matters worse, he had not even seen Ria at the dinner. He suddenly felt that coming for the trip was a foolish idea, that too at the cost of lying to his parents. The garden was all dark, and he mindlessly started loitering around. Suddenly he heard a few footsteps as he neared the riverside, and he froze. His face went white as he started imagining he had just seen a ghost. A torchlight flashed on his face, and he started yelling out of fear and anxiety.

“Rohan!! It’s you! What on the earth are you doing here at this point in time??” It was Ria!! He had never heard a sweeter voice than hers ever before. It was like a dream to him, and he just stared at her beautiful face. “Do you walk in sleep?? I am talking to you…Why don’t you reply?” Ria said. She was laughing and giggling like a ten-year-old kid, quite impressed with the idea that she had scared him. “I did not expect anyone around here..it’s so late at night, and got zapped when you suddenly appeared” Rohan replied meekly. Ria could not stop laughing. “See, I can scare you so easily…I am good at it right?” Ria asked. All Rohan could say was a yes, looking at her big imploring eyes. It was that moment when Rohan fell in love with this beauty, wanting her to be with him forever.

“I just couldn’t sleep, so I came here for a walk. I was feeling bored.” Rohan clarified. “Yeah..same with me. Good to have you as a company. My roommate was too lazy to come with me. People can be so boring on a school trip.” Ria said querulously. “Let us go by the riverside. It seems lovely.” She pulled him along and he complied. Soon they reached the river bank, and all they could hear was the sound of water in the still and silent night. There was no moon, and it was pitch dark.

“It feels so good. I want to sit here for a while. You can go back if you are getting bored with me or feeling sleepy.” said Ria. “No, no..I love this place. I will also sit beside you” replied Rohan. Both of them sat on a big rock, staring at the water, just hearing it flow. Everything felt so calm and peaceful. Rohan could not have asked for a better start to the trip. He sat beside her, consciously looking at her, desperately wanting to caress the strands of her hair covering her face with the gentle breeze. The moments were magical, and he thanked God for creating them.

To be continued… 

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