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Lucius Valehide Versus The Undead

Cover image by the author using Inkarnate.

A Dungeons & Dragons Tale – NPC Diary

The End Is Near

These are the final days of the 3rd age. We will either defeat the Order of Eternal Twilight and the 4th age will begin, or the world will be overrun and plunge into complete darkness. It has already been dark for 3 days.

Every great city of Nimsel Valis has come together to fight on two fronts. From the east, the barbarian horde, and from the west, an infinite army of undead. We are facing the latter.

I am a Crowned Knight of Nemesis Cain. I am honour-bound to protect Pandoria and its people, no matter the cost. If that means having to fight an army of zombies, mummies and vampires, then so be it.

I can see them now, on the passageway, between the two mountains. Grotesque-looking things. This is a nightmare!

The horns sound. Time to fight…


The First Wave

What a horrific day! We charged in with fire and fury and chopped down as many zombies as stood before us. But as many as we killed there were more. What we didn’t know was that the zombies were merely the decoys.

Weaving through the horde with precision, stealth and speed, were the vampires. They came upon us without any warning. Panic befell me.

I did not see him lurking behind the zombie. I was too focused on making sure it did not get back up again. These things were relentless. The moment the zombie fell, was the second he was on top of me, fangs dripping with desire and hunger. My shield was the only thing keeping it from having its meal.

Zombies were approaching from all sides. Other vampires could descent at any moment, and I could not reach my blade. This was it. This was going to be the end.

To my surprise, the beast was pulled off of me with a force unreckoned. It was Commander Korvin Evan’Throque, once again coming to my rescue. I cannot recount all the times he has saved my life and the lives of our comrades. Most of us only live today because of him. I… am only alive today because of him.


Still No Sun

It has been dark for 5 days now. No sun. Only the night. And the undead keep coming. They never rest. They never sleep. And with no sun, there is no break. They keep coming. They keep coming.

And what’s worse, some of our own dead are now coming back. Imagine fighting alongside your comrade one day, and trying not to let him bite or scratch you the next. It’s too much. This is too much. How can we defeat such an enemy?


Day 7

My eyes are beginning to adjust to the dark. I’m seeing more clearly now than I did the first few days. Vampires aren’t sneaking up on us like they used to. But the dead have changed their tactic.

We’ve hit a wave of mummies, skeletons and wraiths. It’s just one nightmare after another. We’ve lost so many already. Reinforcements have arrived.

Today I was lucky enough to fight with a Shinobi from New Vanguard. His chakra blades were a boon against the incorporeal.


Day 10

I don’t think we’re ever going to see the sun again. Is it worth fighting on? I’m honestly not even sure anymore.

And I’m tired. So. Very. Tired. I’m not sleeping much. I close my eyes and all I see are the horrors of the battlefield. I’ve had to put down two more of my friends today.

Even if we manage to survive this, I don’t think I will ever recover.


What day is it?

I’m not even sure what day it is anymore. It is increasingly more difficult to know when the sun is supposed to be up and when it isn’t. I’ve lost all sense of time. I couldn’t tell you what time of day it should be, or night for that matter.

I fight when it’s my turn to fight. I eat and sleep when I’m back at camp.

Each day is better than the next. It’s just wave after wave after wave… and never-ending darkness.


Am I dead?

I think I might be dead. I think we all are. This is hell. We died. And now this is our forever.


I wonder why vampires like blood so much? Would it make me strong like them?




Today, Lucius Valehide died. He saved my life. He stood before me as a shield, blocking a lich’s fireball from striking me down. He was a brave and honourable soul. I will never forget his sacrifice.

Korvin Evan’Throque

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