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Master of Lore: Prologue—Part 2

Book 1 of The Phoenixborn Chronicles (First Draft)


<-Prologue—Part 1

This is the 438th day of our worldwide quarantine…” The newscaster said, providing updates on the pandemic. People everywhere were struggling with having to stay home. Only the most essential services remained open at this point. Many people were out of work. I, however… Well, nothing had changed for me. I worked from home. All my friends were online already. I only used to go out to get groceries, which had now been replaced by deliveries from army medical. Everything was delivered. No one was allowed to leave their homes unless under the direct supervision of army medical using specialized equipment to combat the air quality. In this way, the world had suddenly become perfectly constructed for my introverted lifestyle. I had no reason to leave anyway, and that was just fine by me. “…Today Supernova Labs of Science and Technology will be launching the Quark Accelerator, at 11 pm tonight, with nothing more than a skeleton crew to run the operation. It is expected that…

I turned off the T.V. and placed my dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I poured myself a rye and ginger, one of the few luxuries I was still able to afford in this new world, grabbed my laptop, and started setting up for the game. Once everything was set for tonight’s adventure, I grabbed my headset and put it on as the players popped into the video chat, one after the other.

“Last time we played, the party was leaving the Cave of Wonders with their magical loot…” I started to recap the recent events. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the details of the adventure. It’s not relevant. But as we continued to play, I noticed a storm roll in and rain started to fall against the windowpane. The pitter-patter of droplets became a low hum in the background. I smiled, I knew tonight I’d be sleeping like a baby. I never understood why, but I never slept better than through a thunderstorm. Nature’s orchestra, I always thought.

We were finishing up the final battle of the night when the world seemed to inexplicably slow down around me. I was suddenly hyper-aware of my surroundings. The air began to feel thicker, electrically charged, as the hair on my arms stood on end. I noticed the trickle of the raindrops on the glass pane of the window slow to a crawl. The alarm on my cell phone started going off. It was 11 pm and time to bring the story to a close for the night. But the tone was different. Very different. Longer. Slower. Each note of the tune spread out over a much longer period. The images on the screen practically froze as my colleagues’ movements were barely noticeable. It was then that my window burst towards me, shattering into a million pieces as a bolt of lightning began to reach for me. Its deadly hand, outstretched. But I couldn’t move. At least not in time. My movements were still much slower than lightning.

This was it. This was going to be my end. 

Prologue—Part 3 ->

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