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Master of Lore: Prologue—Part 3

Book 1 of The Phoenixborn Chronicles (First Draft)


<- Prologue—Part 2

This is it… death by lightning. 

The arc was moving so slowly that I could see the electrostatic discharge emanating from the blast. Before it struck me down, the sky suddenly turned a mix of red and black and the new colours rushed through the lightning bolt. It was more than light now. More than static. More than just the rapid movement of electrons making their way to my chest. It was thicker now. Much more dense than it was a moment ago. The red and black nature weaved itself through the newly formed radiated finger of death.

Everything went dark the instant it hit me. I could feel my body flying through the air before slamming onto the ground. My mind raced with the realization that I did in fact hit the ground and not laminate flooring. Did the blast send me through the wall of the apartment building, to the ground below? No, that couldn’t be it. Where was the rain? Not a single drop touched me. The ground felt dry. The smell in the air had no trace of toxic humidity. In fact, the air smelled very different, it smelled… clean!

My breath was becoming more shallow. My heart rate was slowing. Regardless of where I landed, I was dying. As I took my final breath, the synapses of my mind still registered the sound of an eagle or a hawk. But within the sound of the screech, there was something else. Almost like the crackle of a burning fire. And then, the final beat of my heart. My mind continued to register information. The electrical charges in my brain began to slow as blood and oxygen were being deprived. Suddenly a bright reddish-white glow engulfed my vision from behind my eyelids. My skin was on fire. My brain registered every bit of it even though my body lay there completely lifeless. What a strange way to die, I thought. Then… nothing.

I can’t tell you how long I was dead, but I can tell you what happened next. My body sprang up to a seated position, although struggling as if buried alive, except the dirt was light and fluffy. My lungs gasped for air as I choked on it. But this did not taste like the earth. This tasted like death, like burning, like… ashes.

I opened my eyes and spit the foul taste out of my mouth, hacking and coughing. It was night. There was just enough moonlight for me to be able to see my surroundings. I didn’t know where I was, but one thing was clear, I was no longer in the city. And that’s when I noticed them… there were two moons in the sky.

A Dim Glow—Part 1 ->

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  1. I am visioning a Gargamel from Smurf where the blues entered a different world and found human beings. This is interesting. Wait…Master of Lore is not about dragons, right?