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Baby Sitting

Brats! All of them, she hated babysitting and that is why she liked to pay herself a little bonus whenever she could. A little loose cash here a nice piece of jewelry there, every little helped to ease the pain of putting up with these brats. The little brat had shown her around the big house when she arrived, serious money involved. There would be rich pickings here, now he was asleep it was time to rustle up that bonus. The area she was most interested in, was that locked door at the end of the long corridor. That silly little moron had told her the key was kept on the ledge above the door. “Daddy says no one is allowed in there because of the monster” not only was he a brat but an imbecile as well.

The stench hit her immediately when she opened the door into the pitch blackness of the room, her first inclination was to slam it shut again. No, better to check out what the room had to offer, holding her breath she fumbled for the light switch. Apart from the incomprehensible vision of the thing before her eyes. The thing that affected her most was the sickening sound of the needle-sharp teeth tearing through flesh, cartilage, and bone. Then the pain hit her like a steam roller and she tried to scream. He carefully closed and locked the door behind her; standing on the chair he replaced the key on the ledge. Back in the kitchen, he scanned his to-do list, smiling, he raised the pencil. Dad would be proud of him he thought as he placed a tick beside the line, “Feed Gorgon”.

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    1. Hi Brittany, I am delighted you enjoyed the story, and many thanks for taking the time to read my work. It is always very satisfying to know that someone read my story and gained some enjoyment from it.

  1. I enjoyed this, Patrick, but I admit at the end, I was a little confused on who closed the door. I mean, you cleared it up, but I think starting with ‘He carefully closed’ could be its own paragraph to avoid the confusion. Overall, it’s a great little story. I love insta-karma!