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In this world, there are over 7.8 billion people who lived normal lives until a groups of species were discovered. These human-like species were capable of transforming into wolves, more broader, bigger than normal wolves and had the ability to talk while in their wolf form.

Humans feared that these species would take over their world, leaving only these species who were called ‘Werewolves’ having killed the humans, having their flesh scattered into pieces and eaten.

However, the prophet came up with a resolution that both humans and werewolves should live in unity without any form of discrimination.

And from then on, humans were called ‘Betas’. Non-werewolves.

The werewolves that looked stronger, bolder and horrifying were known as ‘Alphas’ recognizing the strength and power that they had. Alphas were the main talk, knowing in their human form, they turned out to look like gods and goddesses.

The ‘Omegas’ known as werewolves with a small figure. Far weaker and has low stamina than Alphas.

Centuries later, it was confirmed that alphas, betas and omegas were given mates by the Moon goddess, mates who would spend the rest of their lives with their fated one.

Alphas mostly turn out to be males and once in a while, they go through a process called the ‘Rut’. The Rut usually comes some days after meeting your mate, it’s a sexual feeling that can only be stopped after the fifth ejaculation. Some female alphas may come out to have a male reproductive system while the rest of them come out normally. Female Alphas can’t give birth.

Betas live normally. They also have alpha mates and omega mates but mostly beta mates. A beta who has an alpha mate are mostly termed ‘Death awaits’ because a beta hardly survives when they go through an Alpha’s Rut. How pitiful!

Omegas can be male and female. Male omegas have the ability to bear children through which they have an organ called the ‘knot’, they go through a process called “Heat”. The heat usually happens at the age of 19 and above. It is also a sexual feeling that goes when they have ejaculated for the third time.


Dante’ POV

“That would be 20$, ma’am.” I said to the pregnant lady who immediately handed me her credit card. She looked like she was in hurry so I handed the items making her storm off to wherever she was going.

“Thank you.” she mumbled as soon as she stepped out the store.

I sighed to myself, checking the time to see it was just 1 o’clock. I can’t wait to get back home and continue watching my anime. I was currently watching ‘Attack on Titans Final episode’ and trust me, you won’t believe how many times I cried just watching the anime.

I sat back in my chair thinking of what I would cook when I get back to my apartment. Guess it will just be a normal regular day like yesterday, such a boring life I live, no dram-.


A deep muscular tone snapped me from my thoughts. I slowly tilted my head up to the huge figure that covered my entire body. A guy, what no? Man stared daggers through me. His eyes were a deep red that sparkled under the light above him. He wore a black hoodie that covered the rest of his body, he was drenched in sweat and panted heavy breaths. He was so tall compared to my 5’7 height. He was beyond big and worst of all he released Alpha pheromones which made my body shudder. I could feel him trying to control the way he was emitting pheromones.

His hands banged on the payment counter making me flinch, “M-medi-cine n-now” he stammered deeply and released more pheromones which I reacted to because my body suddenly became hot and I felt my crotch twitch to life.

I shuddered the more and tried to move to go get some medicine but before I could move, he grabbed my wrist and pushed me against the wall feeling his breath fan my face.

“Fu..!” He growled deeply and captured my lips in his, kissing me roughly. I tried pushing him off but he was too strong. I moaned against his lips as he released more pheromones.

He grabbed my hips and pressed his huge bulge against my crotch, grinding faster and soon our hips were moving in sync.

What am I doing in a convenient store?

“No stop, I…” I struggled underneath his hold as I mumbled in the kiss, scared that someone might walk up on us. He thrusted his tongue into my mouth before he captured my breath, moving our tongues.

I let out a soft moan spanking him by the shoulder trying to push him off but to no avail. I tried punching him off but it only made him grope my ass softly. He wasn’t in his right mind.

“You’re hurting me,” I wined.

This presence.

An Alpha’s Rut.

Bear with me//First werewolf book//looking forward to your comments.

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