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Somnia’s Guide to Dreamland – The Galaxy of Paints

Of all the realms in The Land of Dreams, The Galaxy of Paints is one of my favorites. Its serenity and brilliant colors are an unparalleled treasure. While this dreamland is dark, it is tepid and inviting, like a room with a fireplace on a winter’s night. The ground ripples with every footstep as though you were walking on onyx water. Its dark surface; mirroring everything above. The sky of this realm is its greatest attraction. Above you glimmer countless stars and the stripes of galaxies.

Nebulae, bouncing and stretching like the wax beads in a lava lamp. When they hit the black floor they burst into balls of color like a raindrop falling to earth. If you’re inclined to catch one, you may pop them between your fingers. The colors will coat your hands and arm while the remaining droplets float back into the sky. You can smear these colors anywhere. On the inky floor, yourself, the clouds of color that float down close enough to touch, and even on the very air itself.

If you so desire, you can even color the only creatures to live in this dream realm. From the midnight ocean comes tiny white fish. Blank canvases that jump from the water and take flight. Once there is color on you, they will come; Gliding between your hands and fingers like a dog asking to be pet. Coat them in the luminescent colors and they will swim upward; Glowing like tiny lanterns. On a journey to become stars.

Of all the realms in The Land of Dreams, The Galaxy of Paints is one of my favorites. Next time you find yourself dreaming, I recommend you pay it a visit.

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