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Home-less? A Story Told In A Single Sentence

Every visible and invisible particle of the cycle trembled in constant agony as it was being desperately paddled, piercing through the thick black night, towards an unknown destination that seemingly seemed to be unattainable because the rider didn’t know where she was cycling to, where in the middle of the night, she was willing to cycle, with her belongings, strapped on her shoulder, some of it somehow being tightly roped on the sides, whilst a colorful cloth or two dangling from the half-tattered bag, the bag which is unable to hold on to the plethora of stuff that has been forcefully dumped into it, hoping for the dilapidated and old cycle to reach the destination soon so that it can be emptied, otherwise there lies a big chance of everything being skyrocketed onto the sepia-strewn street and then creating a meandering pathway of clothes through the streets which is filled with potholes and sleepy dogs who are suddenly surprised by the sound of the eerily rusty smell of a cycle bell and probably managed to see this woman whose face is devoid of any emotions of any kind that you can think of, just staring into nothingness, her lips tightly lipped together, her nose exhaling small whispers of visible vapour, her cheeks and ears already red because of the degrees whilst her bare feet that had multiple cracks from the cold, and probably even a small bruise mark which had dried down, that kept paddling on and on as her face being highlighted by the flickering sepia light bulbs and again being completely submerged into darkness the very next moment, creating a strange shadowy moment and somehow her brown eyes, deep dark brown eyes, with a tinge of sadness in them, with a rainbow of emotions hidden in those dark circles around it, that remained almost motionless and in urgent need of sleep but could somehow see through that black street where not a single soul could be visible, where all the shutters of shops were long shut, where even the houses were surprised seeing someone so late in the night, aimlessly loitering through a street, probably thinking about her safety, but she kept paddling with no one with her except for the blowing winds that ruffled her hair, her curly hair, her unkempt and dirty curly hair that needed a good bath sometime soon, ruffling her shirt which seemed to have been worn for weeks without cleaning, the colour almost unrecognizable, patchy green and blue though still visible at some places while her torn jeans grazing along the cobblestoned road whenever her feet reached near them but she seemed to never bother about things as trivial like them at that moment, only once she moved her shoulder-length coloured hair to the side and her right hand moved back to the cycle but her mind kept thinking and thinking, about what happened with her today when she was sitting at her usual spot near the large stadium along with her friends who were homeless just like her when there was a sudden sound of sirens which pierced through her ears, reminding her of sad memories of childhood when a stampede separated her from her family and the devastating news of loss she had heard later which left her traumatised for a long, long time but then although life hadn’t been easy, she managed to do things here and there for fifteen winters and somehow lived amongst a group of people below the huge stadium, dreaming about a home, a home with warm blankets, some hot drink and someone to call her own sitting near her and caressing her hair like her mother did, but that dream was shattered in a moment when her little momentary daydreaming bubble cracked in an instant and some men came down from those vehicles and requested them to stay away from the stadium for the next two months because of some important events that is supposed to be organized and they want the place secured and devoid of anyone other than the delegates which surprised her because they were not harmful people, they just lived there because they had no other place to go, but now if that place is being taken away from them, where shall they go and stay amidst the harsh weather conditions, conditions that would probably go worse in the days to come proving fatal to the elders in their group, but alas they requested to move and asked to come back after the events are over, and so she set out taking whatever she had with her in this rickety old bicycle which probably will take her somewhere before the biting cold manages to bite her soul and probably leave her famished, and while the others managed some place nearby she was adamant to never go back to the place from where they were told off, a place that were their home for so long, people who were kind and harmless but poor, which probably being the sole reason to drive them off and not show it to the huge number of delegates arriving from places unknown, a scene of shame for them and this thought made her hate herself as she wondered how far she’d be able to cycle, as it was getting colder but her mind still seemed to burn with thoughts and she didn’t feel like resting before reaching somewhere and getting some solution which didn’t seem to come to her as quickly as she thought it would and soon she realised she reached back to the same place from where she had started cycling, and she stopped just at the outskirts of the stadium, where some event really seemed to take place with lights and sounds and people cheering with top notch security around it all, and she sighed, trying to look for that little nook where she lived for a number of years, but her thoughts being distracted by a lovely smell of chocolate drink coming from a nearby house where she saw bright lights and happy people and warm chimneys and smiled a sad smile, but what could she do, she thought and decided to keep cycling and try to dissipate the rage and melancholy inside her and just then a hand touched her shoulder and as she turned to see it was an elder grandmother from her homeless group who signalled her to come with her and as she did, she reached a little hut where the others called her back with loud cheers and claps which made her heart melt and her eyes watery, blurring her vision for a moment and she knew she shouldn’t run away but stay with the family that she had, stay together in times of distress rather than being alone, sad and angry, and as her tired eyes fell into a long awaited slumber, she could feel the hand of the old grandmother caressing her hair and uttering something about why this girl keeps running around in that same shirt and jeans and how she should get a proper bath and a haircut sometime soon, which she’ll pay herself from her savings, to which she smiled and slept peacefully, dreaming a good dream after a long day.


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