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Diaries of the Missing Children: Carsa Rosain Cecil: Chapter 1


August 3rd – Monday 

Dear diary, just came back from our Paris vacation. Sadly, I dropped my diary somewhere at the airport. I did not know what to do. Then again, what was it that I could do. I asked dad to buy me a new one and he just brought it to me when he returned with the groceries. I’m already starting to forget what happened. Well, let’s just hope it’s for the better. 

Sure, am gonna miss mom though. It is a shame that she couldn’t go back with us. Something about a fashion emergency runway pageant, I don’t know, Work. Either way, she isn’t coming home soon. Downside of being a Couturière, I guess. 

Anyways, Summer has passed by and schools are about to start. Not sure how I feel about that. I can’t even remember what everyone’s names were, let alone their faces. The first day is going to be so awkward. I have a hard time just thinking about it. I am looking forward to meeting John again though. I saw some of his pics on ‘Bubble’ and he somehow looks better than the last time I saw him. I just hope someday I could have the guts to ask him out but there’s always that fear of rejection. Maybe I think too much about it. I just can’t get him out of my mind recently. Oh god, how I wish that he would think the same for me. Well at least I’ll get to sit next to him in the book club session.  

Speaking of the book club, hopefully Pete learned how to respect women over the summer. Like seriously, that guy needs to stop acting so clingy around me and the other girls.  

Speaking of which, I wonder how the summer went for the other girls. Anna and Gal probably spent it together, talking about how much prettier Anna is from every other girl in school. I wonder when she will start acting like a grown up. It had really started getting annoying. I hope she changed.  Gal on the other hand, I never understood; always sucking up to Anna. She’s so insecure and Anna takes full advantage. Well, what can I say, If Gal is happy with Ana then let her.    

Then that leaves Mark and Zaleena. The two creepiest kids in all of Terrance bay and probably just my opinion really; A very cute couple.  

Oh yes, Mark. Can’t wait for him to eat up my brain about the illuminati, freemason stories. That guy really needs to stop believing everything he reads online. Then again, some of his stories are entertaining 

You know, now that I think about it, maybe tomorrow won’t be that bad after all. I mean finally I’ll get to talk to a boy that’s not my brother. 

Either way, better go to sleep. Don’t want to be late for the first day. I don’t want to miss Mrs. Marison’s “BACK TO SCHOOL” lecture.  

August 4th – Tuesday 

Dear diary, Today was the first day of school since the summer holidays and what a day it was. I don’t know where to start explaining, so let’s just go from the beginning.  

As expected, Reece overslept and forgot to wake me up. We ended up starting to get ready at 7:00 which meant only 15 minutes left for the bus. I quickly got up and went to take the world’s smallest shower. No surprise, Reece used up all the hot water as well. I still feel the cold burn. When I got out, I still had about 5 minutes so I quickly put on my uniform and headed towards the kitchen but before I could even think about breakfast, the bus was here. 

I had to leave breakfast behind if I was going to make it, so that is exactly what I did. I ran into the bus just as it was about to take off, and there he was; John, looking as handsome as ever. I literally froze for a while as he greeted me. He seemed pretty happy to see me. Then came that perv, Peter. He just jumped me and gave me the tightest hug I have ever gotten. I did not want to make it awkward so I let him. Even though he had already made it awkward. I just hope John would ever hug me like that. 

I spent the rest of the bus ride staring at John. Turning away every time he turned towards me. Oh, the mental torture!  

Time quickly passed by and then, the bus stopped and after an almost 3-month break, we were back. The school looked as depressing and crowded as always.  

I exited the bus and got jumped, I thought it was Pete again and I was about to let my fist sing but then I noticed that it was a girl. Not only that but it was Ana. Meeting her took me by surprise. I mean, she actually hugged me and told me that she missed me. I always thought she hated me but I guess I was too quick to judge. 

Anyways, Gal was there too and I don’t know if it’s just me but she looked like a slim fit. Now that I think about it, she used to be fat and I mean fat, fat. That’s some real determination right there. 

Us three girls began chatting for the next few minutes, nothing worth noting.  

The school bell then rang and it was time to begin the trials of the day.  

It made me chuckle a bit; just as I suspected, School began with Mrs. Marison’s infamous’ ‘Back to school” lecture. It was literally the same lecture from the past 9 years, start till finish. “Welcome back everyone. to the sanctuary of knowledge blah, blah, blah etc. etc. etc. Good luck for the remainder of the school year.” 30 minutes gone to waste. 

After that it was time for class. Oh, how I missed Biology. Just kidding, it’s the worst.  At least I got to sit next to John. I actually could not focus on anything that professor Ross was teaching. My eyes and ears were focused on John and of course, that got me in trouble.  

Professor Ross used an old weapon the teachers love using. He called my name, looked me right in the eye and simply asked “Ms. Rosain! can you please tell me what I just taught?” Let me tell you, I don’t handle well in awkward situations and by ‘don’t handle well’ I mean, I cease to function. This was just too much. I got confused and don’t remember what I said, but the whole class began chuckling and Professor Ross was not amused. 

I know I was in the wrong here but detention on the first day! It’s just so mean. I hope this did not make John think less of me or something. 

The rest of the day however, just dragged on. Everyone felt dead inside. I guess no one likes the first day of school, especially on a Monday.  

One funny thing did happen though, Professor Ross suddenly had somewhere important to be after school, so he left me and the other students in detention, under the control of non-other, than Principal Garmadon.  

It was obvious that Principal Garmadon really did not want to be here so he just let us go. I mean it’s really not hard to see why everyone in school likes the guy. Plus, the man did not want to miss the first day of the book club. The only problem was; I was headed there as well. 

On my way to the club room. Principal Garmadon started berating me for getting detention. he said if I remember correctly, “I am really disappointed in you Rose. You are one of the school’s most prized students. Detention, really?” He actually went the whole way but I don’t want to quote everything he said. My heart might explode.  

The worst part, Professor Ross’s class was on the opposite end of the school from the room where the book club is. We were literally walking from one end of the school to the other, and Each step was getting me closer to tears as he continued to berate me. It was one hard moment.  

When we reached the club room, everyone was there waiting for us. The girls Ana, Gal and Zaleena and the boys Mark, Peter, my brother Reece and John  

It’s funny, when I first became a member of the school book club, it was just so I could be closer to John but later on, I became a bit more attached to the art behind reading and writing.  

Anyways, the club was in session. Principal Garmadon started off by welcoming everyone back and then straight off the bat, he put out a huge suggestion/task for everyone. He said that he has an idea that he wants us to follow. He gave us all a page each and said that he wants us to write down everything good or bad, exciting or boring, that takes place in this week on that page.  

I was okay with it cause well; I already do that. I mean, I’m doing it right now but Ana was not on board. She said “what if something personal or something else, that we don’t want to share happens” The rest nodded in agreement to that.  

Principal Garmadon replied, “No one will be forced to read out their notes. Only those who desire to read their notes. Remember, it’s only for practice.” That kind of got everyone on board and we took the notes. I guess I’ll have to write those notes instead of my diary for next week. He continued “However, all of you, do write it. Even if you don’t want to show your work, at least take the practice” 

Afterwards we reverted back to the main idea of the book club; reading and reviewing books. Today we picked this Romantic werewolf story, ‘Moondust’. I’ve heard so much about this over the summer. It is a really famous book by a new and rising writer. The reviews say “it captures the true essence of Love.” Can’t wait to read it.  

Anyways, the clock struck 3:00 which meant time to go home. 

I don’t like to take the bus back home. I really enjoy the long calming walk. Well, there was that one time, but I don’t want to write it here. I forgave Peter for it and that is that.  

Once I reached home, Dad and Reece cooked up a storm in the kitchen and was it good! When those two get into the kitchen together, you are bound to have a 5-star meal. 

Anyways, after that amazing meal, I guess I came to my room and finished any and all homework and I guess I’ve been writing my diary since. 

6 days Later: 

August 10th- Monday 

Dear diary, I didn’t write for the last week and with Saturday on for the first two weeks of school, I got over occupied with homework and with the note Principal Garmadon asked us to write. 

The worst part is, nothing worth of note happened the whole of last week. I just kept going to the park hoping that something exciting would happen but nope. The best I got was a squirrel running by and Reece getting sick off a bad shrimp, was pretty funny. Poor guy couldn’t even come to school today. He must feel lucky though, he didn’t write a single word down.  

At least everyone else had better things written. Ana did not want to share hers and as promised, Principal Garmadon did not force her to show. He did try to persuade her but to no avail.

Gal’s diary however, was the most BEAUTIFUL. She made it like a photo book and the photos she took were so nice. I wish I had her photographic abilities. 

Next was Pete. I don’t know what he wrote but Principal Garmadon took one look and put the note in the classroom shredder. He even has to meet with the school counsellor in the morning. I do wonder what he wrote but then again, it’s Peter, maybe I shouldn’t know.  

Both Mark and Zaleena wrote the weirdest things. Mark mostly wrote about how he thinks that the government is controlling the world and what not. That kid really needs to get off the internet.  

Zaleena topped him by writing everything in a rhyming, poetic and creepy form. Barely understood a thing. I mean, what did she mean by “I hear their silence but my eyes stare straight, as the mirror shows me the reflection of fate”? Did she hear things throughout the week or something? I mean, I couldn’t find a single fun exciting thing to write about and she went on a full soul search. 

Anyways, then it was his turn, Johnathan; Even his writing was beautiful. He was the only one to have printed on the note, How smart and efficient. I remember every word of what he wrote and oh do I wish I was with him during some of those moments. Like when he was doing exercises at the gym or maybe when he went swimming, oh just thinking about it. 

You know what, I’ve had it. I’m not going to be the girl who just watches her crush from afar. I’m going to ask him out first thing when I see him tomorrow and that is that. I’m no side character. I’m going to make this my story! but what will I say? It does not matter; I will speak my heart but what does my heart say? “I love you” is that too cliché? “I like you?” No! not that. It’s too little. You know what? I’m just going to walk up to him and ask it once and for all “Yes! or No!” But what if he says no. I’m thinking too much about it, I’m just going to sleep on it for now. We will see what happens tomorrow.

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