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Diaries of the Missing Children: Carsa Rosain Cecil: INTRODUCTION

Report: At around 3:35 on the night of October 1st, an emergency call was made to the Terrence Bay Police department. The call was made from Sophia Myers Reporting that her son (Johnathan Myers) had left with his friends at around 8:00 and still had not returned home. She also stated that he would not pick up his phone despite the many calls that she had made.

The officer receiving the call, Sheriff Oswald shrugged it off at first, reassuring the concerned mother, telling her that it was normal for teens to arrive home late when out with friends.

Mrs. Myers said that her son never stayed out late and was not fond of get-togethers.

Sheriff Oswald dispatched Officer Jeremy Bowser to a local event taking place. When Officer Bowser reached, it had already been closed down and the lights were shut off.

Around the same time, multiple more calls were made to the police station. 7 more students and the School Principal Samuel Garmadon, were also announced missing.

Following the news, several students and staff of TBNY High School were gathered at the police station for investigation. 

Through the source of one student, A police search began at the town’s sewer tunnels.

The search had stumbled upon a room hidden within the tunnels. A dead body was found. The body found was beyond recognition.

Apart from the body, the room contained a weird symbol of eyes drawn on the floor in blood. Possibly of the dead body.

The only other item found was a small note. 

“Those who memorize what can be forgotten, never forget gods’ eyes”

The missing students and teacher had been taken as Murder suspects and their homes were investigated.

All that was found worthy of note, were diaries belonging to the children.

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