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Teardrops on My Pillow

After a long day,

When your head lies on the pillow.

You are forced to think of nothing,

And teardrops reach the pillow.

How many nights go by,

And how many days we cry.

The pillow doesn’t judge,

Just soaks in all our tears.

Imagine if our emotions had colours,

And the tears would leave a stain.

When we would wake up next morning,

Our pillows would reveal our pain.

Thank goodness that doesn’t happen,

And the pillow hides all our secrets and emotions.

It doesn’t judge our pain,

Unlike humans who would comment on each mistake.

The pillow knows the nights,

We spend in ruminating our life.

As we toss and turn to get some sleep,

The pillow moulds itself to provide comfort and ease.

The pillow rests our head,

But what it truly does is give us space.

Space to feel our deepest emotions,

That we hide in public spaces and situations.

Teardrops on our pillow,

Are like our journal entries.

They dry the next morning,

And leave us lightheaded and smiling.

Teardrops on my pillow,

Stay anonymous as you are.

Because you’re the only space,

Where I can shed all my pretence and reveal all scars.

Goodnight, sleep tight,

While the pillow waits for you.

Hopefully, it soaks in happy tears,

And you heal from your deepest fears.

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