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When My Wardrobe Spoke to Me

Sorting out the laundry,

I opened my wardrobe.

I sat down to place my clothes,

When my wardrobe spoke.

‘Hi there, miss me’?

I looked puzzled.

‘I do’ I replied,

And thus, begins the conversation.

‘One year gone by,

You didn’t even look at me.

All you wore are pyjamas.

And those worn-out tops,

That you find comfy’.

‘Your jeans and dresses, whisper in my ears,

And cry, that someday you will wear them.

Your sarees ache to see the light,

And hope, someday you will drape them’.

‘Kurtas and skirts reminisce those golden days,

When spring used to hug them,

As you wore them to work every day.

Jackets and fancy tops, also make their pleas,

But then I just tell them to shut up,

And let me live in peace’.

‘I understand there is a pandemic,

But how cruel can you be?

Don’t you have any mercy,

On us non-living things that you treat a mere shopping spree’.

‘I believe it’s now known as retail therapy,

Where you used to enjoy wearing new clothes.

Only then you would cherish my existence,

While sorting new clothes’.

‘I exist you know and look at me.

I can heal you, if only you let me.

Just because a virus has locked you at home,

That doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself,

By wearing some of your favourite clothes’.

‘Self-care is making the rounds, the last time I checked,

Most often it involves a non-living thing or an object.

I can provide retail therapy, right at your home,

If only you look at me and not the screen of your phone’.

‘So, how about this weekend?,

Where its just you and me.

Put on some music,

And let’s feel evergreen’.

‘It will make you happy,

And seeing that will make me happy.

Your clothes will love you again.

And you will cherish your old normal again’.

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