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Chemist mole Calculation -human Soul-Karma

Scientific concept Mole translate microscopic world to real world

Material physicist and chemist

Very often use principle of Avogadro-mole-hypothesis

Friends our world is projection of an invisible little world

Where at a time we understand one mole or 6.02×10**23 atoms as the basic building block of material forms-the atom/molecule/mole

It is essential for every chemicsl reaction

It is essential for chemical reaction

If it is making of dangerous bomb from hydrogen

Or simply making cool sugar drink from fresh lemon 🍋

To have calculation of mole of products and reactants. 

Karma/action and mole are bases of individual life forms and chemical calculations

From human being to-a better human beings transition

One should target at good karma/action

In ones life is a million dollars question

Could it be of order of Avogadro’s number

A mole-a huge large number, a magical number

Perceives respected physicist and chemist

Which will lead to once life to salvation

Sukarma Rani Thareja

Associate professor retired

CSJM university

Alumnus IITK 1986


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