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Elite and Tawdry – Chapter 4

Tawny’s quarters were situated in Macklemore Hall, an old brick building not too far off from the main campus.

Her room was empty when she entered, but heavily furnished; Tawny would have a roommate during her stay at Ivoree Gates.

She knew nothing about this person, but she could tell from their side of the room that she was into boy bands and the equestrian sport.

The entire left wall was literally covered in posters of attractive teenage boys with mopey eyes and come-hither stares.

Every free surface was taken up by sports trophies, the majority having to do with equestrian.

Tawny felt a pit grow in the base of her stomach. She wasn’t very athletic, and Tawny was more into classic rock than the hot new Top 40 track.

In fact, she couldn’t even recognize any of the boys in the poster. Tawny had a feeling they weren’t going to have anything in common.

She threw her cellphone onto her bed and sat down next to it, shoulders slumped, and sighed.

Suddenly, the door burst open, a statuesque blonde in the Ivoree Gates school uniform of black blazer and white skirt with black accented trim entered the room, the latest iPhone in one hand and a tiny, turquoise paper bag clutched in the other.

Tawny could briefly make out “Tiffany & Co.” written on the bag.

“Uh-huh,” said the blonde, engrossed in conversation with someone on the other line. “I know! So infuriating…how could she possibly think that was acceptable to wear out in public….oh, I 100% agree! A few days of cold shoulder treatment should correct her behaviour….”

She moved to the mirror to fuss with her hair; only when looking at her reflection did she finally notice Tawny sitting on the bed across from her. “Uh….” she abruptly did a 180 to face her. “I’m gonna have to call you back,” she said, before hanging up.

Not knowing what else to do, Tawny stood up. “Uh…hi,” she said meekly.

The blonde frowned. Assuming that she didn’t hear her, Tawny approached her and outstretched her hand. “Hi! I guess you’re my new roommate. Er…I mean, I guess, I’m YOUR new roommate, since you were here first. What’s your name?”

The blonde didn’t make a move for Tawny’s hand, her face still frozen in frown position.

Feeling anxious, Tawny scanned the room for anything she could use to keep the one-sided conversation going. Her eyes trained on a thin golden necklace around the blonde’s neck.

“Elaine…that’s your name? I mean, duh – of course it’s your name, I mean, why else would you be wearing it around your neck? Anyway, my name’s Tawny.”

Tawny continued to leave her hand outstretched.

The blonde identified as Elaine finally moved, but instead of reaching for Tawny’s hand, her own hand went thoughtfully to her temple, as she folded her arms and her lips curled into a haughty smile.

“Tawny, huh? That’s….such a fascinating name for you,” she said, looking the girl up and down which as much scrutiny as she could muster. “It, uh….it suits you. Excuse me.”

Elaine sniffed and went immediately for the door, turning her phone back. “OMG, you will NOT believe what just happened…!” is all Tawny cut before her roommate departed again.

Confused, Tawny sat back down on the bed. “Was it something I said?”

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