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The Creation Myth: Part One 

There was nothing but the eternal sea, which is named Harthil. Harthil was chaotic, its waves were big, and its power was unmatchable. But then a single being swam up to the surface of this great sea. He thought of an island to rest on and designed its existence in his mind. Diving down to the floor of the ocean, he got a hand full of clay, and mud, and rock, and with it, he made an island.

Climbing on the shore of this island he named it after him: Earth. His name is Eerdhus, and he is the spirit of life. Then out of the water came his brother, who was hiding his envy deep within; for he too wishes that he could create, but alas his power was in death only. Eerdhus saw his brother crawl from the water and he called out to him

“Thimar! Welcome to my new home.”

Thimar smiled and bowed his head, but he spoke not. Thimar looked to the north then to the south than the east and west, then he said

“Correct me if I am mistaken brother, but is it not all a little dull? I mean we stand upon a mound of mud, with a stone here and there; do not think I don’t find it grand- it is just that, this should have more.

Eerdhus paused from answering too quickly. Instead, he stopped and thought about what his brother had just spoken. He muttered the pros and cons of adding more to what he had already made. Then Eerdhus agreed with Thimar, and he headed down into Harthil once more.

Out from the water came Eerdhus, and he carried a large pale in one hand, and in the other many types of seaweed. He placed them down and got on his hands and knees; as he began to sculpt mountains, and valleys, and hills from the clay. He moved the rocks in position and plopped the mud aside it. Then Eerdhus grabbed the seaweed and cast it about the world with grace and hope, and soon thereafter vine grew, and trees sprouted, and flowers covered valleys. He then dug great canals and large craters- which he then filled with a pale of water; this made rivers, creaks, and lakes. Now, this was the Earth, this is was Earth before time passed before it, but then it did. 

Thimar came to his brother and said to him 

“Brother? You have done well, but-“

“Oh please tell me that I have done a good job Thimar?” Eerdhus interrupted “Because if all this hard work was for nothing then I would leave it and never return!” 

This encouraged an idea into the mind of Thimar, an idea that shouldn’t have happened but did. 

“Well you see Eerdhus, I like what you have made; it is just I think you need a little more creativity.” 

“Oh, I knew it!” Eerdhus cried “I will cast myself far out into the eternal sea, the true fate that I deserve.” 

“Brother, Hahahaha! Honestly! Compose yourself.” Thimar couldn’t help laughing out, for his plan was working perfectly so far.”Do not go away forever. I will work on this Earth of yours, and I will get the help of others. Then I shall send for you, and you will determine whether Earth is worthy!”

Eerdhus agreed to his elder brother and dove into the sea, swimming off into the distance. Thimar got straight to work, calling help from others. He went to the deepest part of the world and gathered six spirits. He demanded them, as the highest and most wise and powerful of the spirits, to come with him. They all agreed, one by one reaching the surface, and walking unto the shores of Earth. The six spirits each had their own purpose (like Eerdhus was life, and Thimar was death). The six were: Finnium the fighter, Harmella the healer, Vareno the wild, Doredel the desirable, Marleus the mighty, and Obinum the observer. 

“Welcome! Come towards me and listen closely. Each of you plays a role in making my brother happy, lets see whether you can face this task.” Thimar said to the spirits “Edrdhus made this rock out the clay under us, he built those mountains with his bare hands, and sculpted every creek and crack in this mound with more precision than on your face! That is what he offered to us, each one of us will offer something under my control.”

He began with Marleus- a great tall spirit with blue skin and hair that shined. He sent him to hold up the sky so that Harthil, and Earth would be separate. We look in wonder at the shining stars in Marleus’ hair.  Next was Vareno- a bearded spirit with auburn hair, and green eyes, his skin was tan and as thick as tree bark. This spirit has antlers that grew from his head, and most of his body was covered in thick curly hair; as he sported a crimson kilt around his waist. By the rule of Thimar, he made animals around the world; and designed them to live with one another. Next was Obinum- he was a tall and strong spirit, with a dark royal blue glow. His eyes were all white, and he seemed older than the rest, even beyond Time himself. His beard was made of seaweed, and his mind was made of experience so he ruled over the sea. Unlike the rest, Obinum went there before Thimar had said so. Next was Finnium the great fighter of all spirits. He was a proud, and Gregorius spirit, that glowed like gold. He wore a white tunic and rode upon his white horse: Sorn. He told Thimar that he wishes to stay with his wife Harmella. Harmella was a beautiful spirit who glowed like a star. She wore a light white dress, and let her dark brown hair wave about her. She was sent to the sky and became the moon, and Finnium became the sun! The last was Doredel the desirable, and she was not given a task- other than to be with the Earth. She was there for the Earth and the creator of the Earth. Her speciality was in the very ground. She made the Earth fertile, and as she did the trees bore fruit. It was then that Thimar called Eerdhus home. 

Eerdhus had heard the calls from the depth of that chaotic sea. He dragged himself out of his misery, and as he felt the winds from the sea brush his face he rose with vigor. As he saw the birds soaring in the sky, and the elephants picking fruits from the trees, and the rivers flying down from the waterfalls, he knew that his brother had done well. Thimar greeted his brother, and asked him:

“Well, what do you think?” He paused and waited for his brother to respond, but he did not say anything. His mouth was just hanging low. “Brother? Does the Earth have any worth? Does this mound mean anything to you?” 

“Wha-what? Oh, yes! You have done it Thimar!” 

“No I haven’t,” Thimar said, knowing his plan was not yet over “I have help from other spirits. They have each put their backs into making this Earth great, however, I want to put my own personal touch into Earth. I will tell everyone to go back into that deep dark hell unless you allow me to make this paradise limited.”

Eerdhus looked at his older brother and was trying to see if he was kidding or not. Unfortunately, he soon realized that he wasn’t! This was Thimar’s plan all along. But he did it not out of envy alone, but also he knew that if Earthly life was forever then the purpose of living was meaningless. He did this so that he could create something too: purpose.  

“You mean to tell me that you did all of this so that you could corrupt what I made?” 

“No!” Shouted Thimar “Don’t you see brother, it is your decision- you can make another world that goes on forever, but it would lack color and diversity! All things must pass, it is just the way things are.” 

Eerdhus was beyond belief and felt insulted, and used, and was above all felt betrayed by his own brother. He pondered this deal of a lifetime and came with his answer. 

“Okay Thimar, I will agree that this all will be limited- on one condition: you cannot show yourself to me, to the spirits, to anyone, ever again! And we spirits shall not pass on.”  

“I promise I will hide my personal physical form from you and all creation, and that you seven may continue to live.” 

And with that, the brothers shook, as Thimar became silent and invisible to all for an eternity. 

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  1. I do like how in the end, meaning and purpose are tied to temporal finitude. Perhaps the most fundamental factor of existence that compels us to achieve (or not achieve) is the reality that life has a horizon – food for thought for those who believe in some form of eternity.

    1. I agree, and the best part about this idea is that it makes anyone think deeply. That is the great thing about myths- they are the first form of literature, and really the only form of ancient art that we still use with great admiration.