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Soul Fires Flame Chapter 4 pt. 1

Chapter 3 pt.2

Chapter 4 pt.1

She sat on the edge of her bed, wondering what to do. She kept reading his file and came up with a crazy plan. After deciding what she was going to do she had calmed her anxiety. It was still early in the day, a little to late for a coffee but she still wanted to go to the coffee shop. Maybe she’d see Sam and if she didn’t she’d still have a nice pastry and a pretty view.

She picked up her disguise sighing at how itchy it was. It was the only way she could go into the city so she put it on. Andromeda said bye to Ally(the cat) and walked out the door. Every time she left her temporary apartment the immediate hustle and bustle was waiting outside the door. It nearly knocked her on her butt every time. She braced herself and began walking towards the coffee shop.

She entered and it smelled even more amazing than usual they’ve begun making their cakes for evening time. Andromeda didn’t like cake, but she loved the smell. She got a chocolate croissant and turned around looking for a spot to sit.

She saw Sam sitting with his briefcase beside him. He had several books on his table and he was nose-diving in knowledge. She walked over, slowly; she didn’t want him to know she was there. Not until she spooked him at least.

“Hey, that’s my seat you’re sitting in!” Andromeda said. She sounded like an angry teenager bullying a classmate.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” He looked up, “Suzie what the heck! You made me so nervous for a second, I really thought the coffee shop had specific seats! I guess I’m the real goober here.” Sam said laughing at himself.

“I didn’t think you’d come today, please sit.” Sam gestured to the seat in front of him.

Andromeda sat, she took a deep breath and began talking to Sam.

“I didn’t plan on coming today but a croissant sounded so good, and I had nothing else to do.” She spoke.

“Oh, all right, you got something going on?” Sam asked.

“No, why?” Andromeda replied confused why he had asked. Her mind began racing. Did he know who she was? What she was?

“You said you didn’t plan on coming. I assumed that meant you were pretty busy today.” He said he had calmed her nerves without even knowing.

“Oh yeah, I did have a long day. You know, lots of stuff at school, and I went to the Y after school, so I’m worn out.” She replied honestly, she was worn out.

“You go to the Y?” Sam said with a snicker.

“Yes… Why is that funny Sam?” Andromeda found herself laughing too.

“That place is for little kids! I’m sure you barely got in,” Sam said.

“There are older kids to the 8th and 9th graders both go there during their lunch recess and my dad thinks it’s good for me to hang out with other kids,” Andromeda replied.

Andromeda actually liked the Y and wondered why Sam didn’t. She didn’t ask any more questions about it though. She let Sam ramble on about his father. She was just looking at the window thinking of her crazy plan. She wondered if the council would extradite her to the spirit graveyard or if everything would go over smoothly. There was only one way she’d find out.

Andromeda said bye to Sam and went home. Almost in a daze. All she remembers is he was talking about his dad. They said bye and now she’s home. She shook her head around trying to get the thoughts in order.

“This thing itches!” She said to herself as she took off her disguise.

“Ahh, finally I can breathe.” She relaxed into her bed and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, she woke up and instantly through on her disguise. She went to the coffee shop first this morning and got a takeout cup. She was going to do some research and find out what Anthony does on his way to school.

She began heading to his house.

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