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Enchanted Luciferse Interactive Series Synopsis #1

Enchanted Luciferse Synopsis

In this Interactive Dark Fantasy and Psychological Horror/Thriller Novel, welcome to the Luciferse run by none other than the Eluminasi in what was formerly known as The Red Light District, is now a locked down town where elementals and split forms alike may live amongst the soulless mortals — but not without a monthly price for all, and the reader gets to live out the life of the only split form to come into existence in over 420 years, who is none other than the future queen of hell to boot — but she has no idea, yet.

Meet Ashley Knoxx, the one and only split form to be born in the last 420 years who is the top Sex Worker in all of The Restrict District and has just begun her new job at the new club — The Liquid Psychosis. Ashley is one of the top strippers from when she worked at The Mythic after she was thrown out of the Paradise Gardens by none other than the Angelic Bastards.

The Angelic Bastards are everything Ashley could never be, though they didn’t make life any easier for her to live in Paradise Gardens as a youngster — but Ashley never forgot what those Angels did to her as a youngster, and she vowed ever since the age of seven, that when the time came — she would act against the Angelic Bastards for all they have made her endure, but the Eluminasi, as Ashley had begun to find out, is not much better than the Angelic Bastards faction — a bit less sickish, and a lot more mind and soul restrictions were the differences between the two rogue self-governing factions.

In the Restrict District, you are at the complete whim and discretion of each of the seven goddesses who make up the Eluminasi, and as an elemental pyra turned split form, to reside in The Restrict District to follow the rules of a Normie life — she is required to not only, only perform magic in her sector alone until age twenty one when she takes on her true self form, she also must pay a monthly tax for existing among mortals, soulless or not.

But now, on top of moving away from everything her old life entailed, she has three whole months to make two life changing decisions…

Does Ashley on her 21st birthday take on her full form as a dark form demon and take on as rightful heir to the throne in hell with her sister, Scarlet Scythe? Or does she break all of the norms even further after finding the supposed girl of her dreams, Lilith Morningstaar and live out her days as a mortal without a soul?

Enchanted Luciferse is an Interactive Novel COPYRIGHTED by Amethyst Siren.

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