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she, herself, and her

“I am torn in two / But I will conquer myself”  (“The Civil War” Anne Sexton).


She tells me to be good,

To behave and to stay foot.

Her voice is comforting and smooth.

There is peace in it.

But she tells me not to listen to her!

She tells me to be bad!

Her voice is also comforting And even though sad,

There is peace in it.

It’s just she, herself, and her…

Torn between her skin and fur…

How ironic and blur,

Is the chaos in my soul.

Which voice should she follow?

Hers or hers?

They are both hers and not hers;

She tries to fight but my mind is about to blow.

“Don’t do it!”, “Do it!”

“Fight it!”, “Don’t fight it!”

Is she her or her?

Will she fight or give up? Will it be Disneyland or The Wasteland?

Or maybe it is better to be Switzerland.

“You have failed the city” or “We all have a dark side and we have to fight it”?

Which would the Green Arrow say to her?

Will she be her or her? Or someone else?

Or maybe it is better to be… something else.

She’s not the iron lady,

She’s rather the mirror lady,

She’s you.

Did you fight or did you give up?

Would you follow her or her?

Would you rather be John or Sexton?

To listen or not to listen, that is the question!

To listen AND not to listen, that is the answer!

Fatma Kilani

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