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Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

“Mum, I can’t wait to get in.” said an excited little boy turning to his Mum in the queue ahead of me.

Ahead of him stood a bald muscular man with a cross tattooed on the back of his thick muscular neck, the word ‘Lucky’ above and below the cross.

An old lady was ahead of the muscular man with the thick neck, drinking from a silver hip flask, peering into it, and then lifting it again to ensure that she had finished every last drop.

We had been standing waiting to get in for hours and nobody was willing to give up their place. We were the ‘selected’ the limited ‘elect’ allowed per month. Only the ‘elect’ were able to enter and only the ‘elect’ were in the queue.

Guardians watched over the ‘elect’ ensuring that no queue jumping took place. The woman behind me looked a little pale.

She reminded me of my mother who had passed away years prior.

“Ma’am, are you feeling ok? Would you like me to ask one of the guardians to assist you?”

“Oh please help me sonny, I am feeling dizzy!”

“Guardians please help this lady, she is feeling weak!”

None of them were listening to my plea, as if I was not even there.

“Hello guardians, sir, sir can you assist?” he looked at me expressionless staring right through me.

I stepped out of the queue to gasps and murmurs of bewilderment.

“You sir have lost your place amongst the elect! Follow me!”

Two guardians grabbed me their grip on my arms was vice – like. I feared my bones would crack. They lead me to a side room, away from the queue to the ‘great hall.’

“What about the elderly lady guardians, she was going to faint. I’m sorry If I broke any rules, but she was looking weak, please I was just trying to help her, we can’t just forget about people?”

“Silence!” said a rather stern looking guardian, with unruly silver hair.

“Await the judgement!” he said and gestured for me to sit down on the only chair, made of pearl in the pristine white room.

I had lost my place amongst the elect the judgement would be harsh.

“Welcome David.” A soft voice like a summer breeze, tranquil and calming, filled the room.

It was the weak elderly lady from the queue, she handed me a map.

“Take this David, it leads to your reward, your selfishness is cured, you are now rewarded.”

“What about the people in the queue?”

“Don’t worry about them David, each will receive a map of striving, correcting their characters for entry, after striving they will join you. Take your map to paradise, she held out a scroll, and when I touched it she disappeared.

“David, David you will miss your bus, and your coffee, you didn’t even drink it, you better get ready for work!” My beautiful wife, looking concerned, I really must stop being so selfish. 

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