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Two city crows swoop down and ascend quickly back without slowing down as they see a weekender trespassing into their way. And again, they fail to make alarms to Sunday swimmers in the pool of the quiet and calm residence. The swimmers with their dearest family members, especially jolly kids, and bikini-clad wives seem to enjoy soaking and drenching in the much attractive clear blue water pool.

Their leisure does not seem to thaw as if they pause any nuisances which often happen in some public areas when stubborn people do not want to move an inch from their occupied territories.

Truly it is their home: Des res. Even wobbly toddlers are much mirthful around the edge of the almost square-shaped private pool because they like their existence under the open sky which becomes loaded with rain clouds.

”Nobody wants to live inside.” The silence is often nipped by shrills of kids including toddlers. For them, it is the most platinum moment to spend Sunday without sloth and torpor by gathering around the poolside with much enjoyment to life.

If they feel starving, a posh bistro near the poolside can prepare hamburgers or hotdogs to their delights. At the instance, a daring crow resting its foot on one of the wooden chairs with an umbrella put through the round table.

Maybe it wants to enjoy the time. Sunday, by all means, Sunday: it is the time not only for watching nearly 3 hour long ’70s or 80’s Myanmar movies at home but also for bracing up to do something active: go shopping.

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