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Blue Spruce

Spruce felt blue. He pined to branch out, to be more than just a bump on a log. But Spruce had little support among his family tree. Even his parents were throwing shade, which had a tendency to sap his energy. Spruce hoped to leave but felt rooted in place.

When he was a young sprout, Spruce envisioned himself wearing a crown with an ever-increasing number of rings. Even his best friends, Forest and Woody, needled him for having his head in the clouds. While still reaching for the sky, Spruce learned to prune his aspirations, though he still hoped to make others evergreen with envy.

Then, one late October day, Spruce was chosen to be that year’s Capitol Christmas tree. It wouldn’t be going out on a limb to say that Spruce was falling over himself with excitement. Alas, as the old saw suggests, one should be careful what they wish for.

It wasn’t until he was caught in the glare of flash photography that a new synthesis began forming in Spruce’s mind. Feeling knots in his core, he suddenly twigged that he’d been barking up the wrong tree. By then, it was too late to ax his sacrifice. Spruce would, at long last, be decorated, but at the expense of his life being truncated.

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