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In The Pines Is Where I Gave You My Heart – And I’m Keeping It

I said oh love, don’t you lie to me, where did you sleep last night?

And he got down on his knees to plead and begged for another chance to prove his love. To prove his faithfulness.

I told him I’d consider. And now he has his chance.

I wrote the note in something close to her hand, on her notepaper, with a drop of her scent on the seal, asking him to meet her in the Pines. Right near where he first pledged his love to me.

I’m waiting for him now. It’s cold here. The moon does not judge me. My blade is sharp.

This is where he promised me his heart. And if he comes in answer to her summons, this is where I’m going to take it back.


Inspired by a folk song. Yes, I’ve heard the other versions, but I like this one.

Copyright Alison Tennent 2021, all rights reserved. Scottish by birth, upbringing and bloodline, Australian by citizenship.

The Garrulous Glaswegian, Lost in Three Continents.
Owner and editor of The Authentic Eclectic
Find more of my work here: https://medium.com/@thegarrulousglaswegian

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