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Red Winter Jumpsuit

Snow lays unbroken.

It’s fragility protected by a layer of ice; a blessing given by the freezing rain that has since scrolled past overhead.

White snow sits on the limbs of the evergreens and bare branches of the deciduous, held aloft by thousands of needles the snow on the pines sits pretty and silent.

It is quiet, bleak, beautiful, but in a desolate sort of way.


A soft crunch, the sound of teeth breaking a cracker echo beneath the footfalls of a child running across the desert like plains of Winter. Each eager boot print sends out interconnecting cracks that look to have been made by a spider giddy with happiness.

She delights in the shattering of the perfect and destruction of the neat.

Like a little starfish she dances across the glittering landscape in her red winter jumpsuit.

The hood pulled up over brown curls does little to muffle the bubbling stream of laughter flowing between her smile.

The pines stand a little taller and the reflected light that is no brighter than before seems brighter.

The snow that was falling earlier as frozen tears now falls as tender flakes of joy.

Twisting in circles with arms outstretched she snatches snow out of the air with an open mouth,  randomly closing one eye or another as the flakes fight back by landing in her lashes.

The scene plays out in the reflection of a mothers eye, the moving picture exuding childish innocence and glee,

As she watches her daughter play from the closed window of the warm cottage she finds herself whisked away to the paradise of her own youth as a young girl dancing in the snow.

Watching memories be made and reliving ones made long ago; the winter wind blows against the warmth of a child’s laugh only to find it has no purchase and cannot win.

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