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Dreams of Aveinha Part 7

Will Casey finally get home or is Rhiun pulling an elaborate scam? Read this last installment to find out!

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You’ll see. Rhiun’s words echoed in Casey’s mind the whole way back to Aveinha. Casey shuddered at the thought of what that might mean. Either it was something that Rhiun couldn’t explain. Or, it was something so horrific that she couldn’t form the words to explain. Neither explanation sat well with him for the rest of the carriage ride.

They pulled into Aveinha just as the moon was rising, casting a faint glow over the town. Casey pondered how long he had been awake, and how long days actually were here. His body felt like he had just pulled three all-nighters in a row. Casey followed Rhiun into the tavern. Most of the patrons had formed a half-circle in front of a bard. Casey slowed down as he heard the lyrics of the song the bard was singing.

Gather ’round my friends
And hear my tale of wonder.
‘Tis about a simpleton
Who tore the Circle asunder.

“Is she singing about me?” Casey called to Rhiun. “I mean, none of that’s true if she is.” And simpleton didn’t exactly sound complementary.

Rhiun dismissed the question. “Bards sing about all manner of things which never occur. Follow me.”

Rhiun walked behind the stairs that led to the second floor. Casey wondered what they were going to do since there was no door. Rhiun waved her hand in front of the wall behind the stairs, and the wall vanished, revealing torch-lit stairs leading to a chamber under the tavern.

“Is the owner of this place cool with you doing magic stuff under it?”

“They should be,” she said, descending the stairs. “I’m the one who owns it.”

At the bottom of the stairs, the room opened up to a vast chamber, with walls of stone and lined with shelves upon shelves of books and oddities and jars filled with what looked like body parts. Overhead, Casey saw the wooden beams supporting the tavern. In one corner was a workbench that looked like a sinister science kit, with numerous glass vials and beakers containing liquid of every color imaginable. In the other corner was…

“What the fuck is that?” Casey asked, pointing at a floating strip of light. It was nearly as tall as the chamber’s ceiling and took up an entire corner. The more Casey looked at it, the more it seemed to shimmer and change color.

“That is why I need to get you back to your world.” Rhiun set the book and necklace on some kind of podium positioned near the light strip.

“Yeah, but what is it?”

“It’s a rip… in the fabric holding the universes together.”

Casey’s eyes went wide. “Universes? Like parallel universes?”

“Yes, an infinite amount. And they are bound together by a sort of fabric that keeps everything together and prevents things or people from going between them.”

“So that’s why I’m here? It ripped and crapped me out in that dude’s house.”

“Yes, that is the gist of it.”

“But why me? Why was I the one who fell through the rip, or whatever?”

Rhiun stopped what she was doing, looking down at the book and amulet in front of her. “The link of the one who tears the fabric is the one to get pulled through.”

“What?” Casey felt a dull throb in his temples and rubbed them. “What does that even mean?”

Rhiun looked up. “I was the one who caused the tear. And the tear pulled you through because you are my link to your universe. To put it simply, you are I are one and the same.”

The throbbing from Casey’s headache intensified at her words. He felt a twinge in his chest as if his heart stopped mid-beat. He wanted to ask so many questions at once, but all his mouth could say was, “But, I’m a dude.”

Rhiun scoffed. “Gender means nothing. It’s a concept that differs between universes based on the enlightenment of its people. Or the lack thereof, in the case of yours. For instance, here, gender is more of a sliding scale. And where you fall on that scale can change at any time.”

Casey nodded as if he understood, yet his brain was uncooperative in processing the information. “So, are there others of…us…in the other universes?”

“In some, yes, in others, no. It all depends on how the universe developed.”

“So, if we’re the same person, then why don’t we look anything alike?”

“Our bodies are just a vessel to hold our essence. Our nayaza. The vessel does not matter, only the soul.”

Casey shook his head in amazement. “How do you know all this stuff? Is there a school or something where you learn all of this?”

“Every universe has those who can see into other universes or those who can touch them. I am blessed with the gift of being able to touch them.”

“Shit,” Casey said, his eyes burning from not blinking for some time. “So, does that mean there’s something special about me? Can I see or touch the universe too?”

“No,” Rhiun said flatly. “Other than being my link, there’s nothing special about you.” She held out the necklace in her hand. “Here. Take this and stand next to the tear.”

Casey fetched the necklace from her and looked at it while he walked toward the tear. The chain was made of silver, and a massive jewel hung from a silver loop fused to the top of it.

“So, how did you make the tear?” Casey asked when he stopped next to it.

Rhiun flipped through pages of the book while she answered. “I attempted a new incantation, and unfortunately, this happened.”

“What was the incantation supposed to do?”

“Not this. Now, put the amulet around your neck.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a focus of sorts. It will concentrate my powers into you and transport you back. Without it, you would be reduced to a pile of ashes.”

Casey froze as he was putting on the amulet. “So, you’re sure this will work, right?”

“No, but it has the best possibility of success.”

Casey’s heart raced, and his hands trembled as he finished putting on the amulet. “So, shouldn’t we wait until you find something that will definitely work?”

“We can’t. If you stay here for much longer, the tear will widen, enveloping both of our universes and eventually the others. Also, the incantation only transferred the waking part of your nayaza here. If you fall asleep, you have no sleeping mind to take over and you will die.” Rhiun stopped flipping pages and looked at him. “Do you have more questions, or can we continue?”

Casey shook his head. Those were more answers than he imagined he could ever get out of Rhiun. If they were true, he wasn’t sure. But the longer they were together, the more he felt like he could trust her. Like they were on the same wavelength. Maybe she was right about the whole “you are me” thing.

“So, what do I do?”

“Just stand there and don’t speak.” Rhiun raised her hands above her head and chanted something in a language that sounded like nothing Casey had ever heard. Balls of orange light formed in her hands, growing to the size of softballs. They emitted snake-like wisps of light that encircled her arms, then her torso, and finally her legs. As she chanted, the light became brighter and brighter. It became so bright, it was like trying to look directly at the sun. Casey turned his head to spare his eyes from the blinding energy.

“VA MAKHZA!” Rhiun shouted, pointing her hands at Casey. All the light encircling her collapsed into a sphere about the size of a flashlight for a split second before blasting into the amulet. Casey’s body writhed and contorted as the energy permeated him. The room seemed to be getting smaller, and it felt like he was falling through a tunnel until everything turned to white.

~ ~ ~ ~

The lights of the oncoming car blinded Casey, as he jerked the wheel toward the side of the road. He felt the front end of the other car slam into the side of his car, throwing him into a spin. The back end slammed into the guard rail, catching for a moment, before giving way and letting the car roll down the ravine.

~ ~ ~ ~

“CLEAR!” someone shouted as they pressed cold metal to Casey’s chest. Another shock of energy exploded into his chest, causing his whole body to convulse. He tried to look around, but his vision was blurry. All he could see was a bright light and flashes of color. Casey closed his eyes.

~ ~ ~ ~

Casey opened his eyes again and saw another light. This time, it wasn’t as bright and was in the shape of a rectangle. He heard a faint chirping sound coming from the distance. He blinked a few times as his vision came into focus. Surrounding the light were rectangular panels with tiny divots in them. Ceiling tiles. He tried to turn his head but couldn’t. Some unseen force was keeping his head in place.

“Hey, hey, don’t move,” a soothing female voice said as he felt a warm hand touch his forehead. A woman’s face appeared over him. She was pretty, and her face had the lines of someone approaching their 60s. His mother.

“Wh-where’s - ,” Casey tried to say but ended up making a croaking sound. His throat felt like he had swallowed a bag of sand. Casey tried to move again, but invisible bonds held him down. It felt like a cocoon had encased his body.

“Casey, it’s okay,” his mom repeated, her voice soothing his nerves.

“What happened to me?” He croaked.

“Car accident, up in the hills,” she said, continuing to stroke his forehead. “Your heart stopped in the ER, but they brought you back.” Tears welled up in the corner of her eyes and dripped onto him. “I’m sorry,” she said as she grabbed a tissue and wiped the tears off of his cheek.

“H-how long - ?”

“How long were you out?” His mom helped finish. “You’ve been in a coma for about a week. We thought you were not gonna make it for a while, but you pulled through.”

Casey heard a door swing open and footsteps clicking on the tile floor.

“And it was all thanks to your doctor,” his mother continued with admiration in her voice.

“Hello,” a familiar voice said. A woman’s voice. “The nurses told me that he is awake.”

The footsteps got closer to the bed, and a woman leaned over him. Her silky dark hair was pulled back into a bun, except for two locks which hung on either side of her head, framing her face. Her red lips smiled, revealing rows of perfect white teeth.

“Casey, this is the doctor that saved you.”

Casey stared at the doctor’s face, his eyes growing wide. He tried to blink, but it felt like his eyelids were uncooperative. He finally trained his eyes down to something hanging from her neck. It was a silver necklace, with a huge massive jewel hanging off of it. Casey stared into the jewel and saw a strip of light. The more he looked at it, the more it seemed to shimmer. And change color.

~ ~ ~ ~

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