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Apologies, I’m human!

I am sorry!

I don’t get to call or check up on you as often as I should, trust me,

My negligence towards your wellbeing cannot be excused.

I am sorry!

I haven’t been there for you at moments you needed me the most.

Truly, I have failed you over and again and it broke your heart.

I’m sorry!

I have been a self-absorbed person who lives only in her world,

Choosing peace over chaos and retreat over victory.

I’m sorry!

I hid my scars from the rest of the world and from you too.

But I just couldn’t bear showing my flaws and imperfections to a seemingly perfect world.

I’m sorry!

I have had my fair share of life at a young age; love and hurt

Experiences that were too strong for me, I broke.

I’m sorry!

I’ve met and lost people I thought I would never loose

that I take you as part of life’s passing lessons, I would rather not hold on to.

I’m sorry!

The love you give seems too little even when you are giving in your best.

You are giving enough, I’m just not use to being loved this much it scares me.

I’m sorry!

I’m only but adorned with scars and not beauty,

Decorated with dashed hopes and broken promises.

I’m sorry!

That my effort in trying to be better is limited to my abilities and me.

And I’m yet to be free from these imperfections,

But until I become a better version of me

I’m sorry!!

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