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Top 5 Do’s & Dont’s Of a Relationship


We have all been in a relationship before and either we have done the breaking up or the other person has. Sometimes we are left unclear about what happened or need closure. Everyone has their flaws and nobody is perfect that is why I’m here to tell you the Top 5 do’s and don’ts in a relationship.

1. Communication Is Key

Make sure when your partner is talking that you are fully engaged, no distractions. If they are asking you to not do something again or just telling you about their day or how they are feeling, make sure you make them feel validated and that they matter. Do not try and tell your partner how they should or should not feel even if your intentions were different. Listen to what they are saying and take action accordingly. Forget about what you have to say and trying to justify yourself, just wait until they are done. Use words or phrases like “I hear you and I’m listening” or “I understand and I’m sorry” to really let the other person know that you are not just thinking about yourself. Do not use words like “but” or “you shouldn’t feel that way because..” because this just makes the other person think you aren’t really listening or that you don’t even care.

2. Clean Up After Yourself

Remember if you stay at your partners house or you live together ALWAYS clean up after yourself. Whether it be your clothes, dishes, or even trash, just pick it up. You wouldn’t want your room or house to be a mess, so why leave someone else’s? Don’t just leave things lying around and telling your partner that you will get to it eventually. Saying that just causes unneeded stress and anxiety for the other person. Cleaning up after yourself shows respect to the things you own or use, even if it’s not yours. It shows that not only do you care but that it’s not just one person’s responsibility.

3. Date Nights

Just because you have been dating for a couple months and you have already been on countless dates doesn’t mean you should stop trying to keep the spark alive. A simple date whether it be at a restaurant, arcade or even a quiet movie night at home will give you time to connect with your loved one. It lets you focus all of your attention and conversation on your partner so you can either get to know them more or hear about how their week or day has been. Don’t be on your phone during your date time and don’t bring up past things he or she has done. It’s supposed to be a romantic event so just focus on each other.

4. Maintain Your Individuality

Being your own person despite being in a relationship with somebody else is going to help each of you grow as a team. Don’t settle for only trying to make your partner’s dreams come true when you have dreams and goals of your own. Go out there and tackle whatever it is that you want to do while supporting your partner in what they want. Feeling like you do whatever your partner wants will never make you happy. It is okay to have your own life aside from the one you build together. You can go out on your own, travel on your own, and crush those goals on your own, you don’t need to wait to do anything just because you are in a relationship. Having clear schedules and boundaries will make everyone happy and give both people time to do what they love.

5. Celebrate Important Things

Whether you just started dating or have been in a year long relationship, always remember to celebrate the important things together. Birthdays are the most common mistake people make in a relationship because after a while people don’t see them as important as when they first got together, but it is still about celebrating life and the person you are with. When any holiday comes around, make your own traditions and continue to do the ones you used to as well. It makes people feel important and loved when you get together and start sharing new and old memories. Taking time to celebrate or just be together in life when anything important happens makes everyone feel special and wanted.

As the time spent with your loved one goes on it can be hard to do some of these things everyday. You get tired from work, your schedule gets busy, or you have a bunch of activities that you take your kids to. Whatever it is that you do, it is important to keep yourself and your partner happy. Planning a date night once a week when you are both free is what some couples feels like works best for them so that they can talk about their day and what’s been going on for them. Others might say that just being with them or living with them each day is enough for them, everyone is different but make sure you are always communicating with them and really listening when they are speaking. 

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