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Introduction to the platform!

Hello friends. My name is Radu, and I live in a beautiful mountain area. This location is located a short distance from a river that crosses the mountain for a length of 30km.

I will start writing on this site various stories and legends from rural areas and beyond. Stories will be fiction and will only be found on this site.

I am very drawn to the realm of the paranormal and the popular belief in good and evil, heaven and hell, the devil and God.

For now, I will use the free account on this platform, to see how it works, to see if it pays users, to meet more people here.

If you can give me some guidance, or if it is serious about payments, feel free to send me a message.

Thank you!

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  1. Hello Acasa, nice intro. We have some things in common in interest and style. I’ve been on Simily about seven months have found on this platform if you just post your articles, and regularly read a few articles of others, you can build some meaningful connections. Don’t expect to earn much. The point is that people will actually read what you write, and you can chat with them about it. Getting your work exposed, and building connections. Bring it on! Wish you the best.

  2. Welcome to Simily, Acasa! The good part is the interaction here. It’s genuine since there isn’t a rush for claps or a bar for the partner program. Although they do need to up their website. I love paranormal. Looking forward to your writing.