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As The (Taco) Bell Tolls

The time period was last year and it was my birthday. My brother told me he was taking me to get lunch wherever I wanted to so I chose Taco Bell. I know, I know. A lot of you all are too sadditty for Taco Bell and are too dam good to be eating at such a place but I was craving something that I hadn’t had in a minute and it was their infamous Mexican pizza.

Man, I was feening for that good meal. And here we are heading down to make a run for the border and as we pull up to the drive thru is when my world came to an almost abrupt end.

WE’RE SORRY SIR!!!! WE DON’T HAVE THAT ON THE MENU ANYMORE!!! WTF. My heart almost sank down into my stomach. How in the bloody heck is Taco Bell gonna take off one of their most cherish, beloved & and apprecuated meals out the game. Smh. I don’t get this world sometimes. “First, the Fat Boys break up and now this. There’s nothing to believe in anymore.” (Quote comes from the movie Boomerang by a character named Boney T played by Chris Rock)

Then when I got home later, I saw a commercial for Taco Cabana and those mofos had the best dam looking nachos I ever seen. WE SHOULD’VE MADE A RUN FOR TACO CABANA INSTEAD!!! You live and you really do learn.

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