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Sparkly as Her Name- Miss Story Eleven

Miss started at the school mid year, after Christmas break, when mornings were still dark. She watched the sunrises every morning as she monitored temperatures on arrivals.

She didn’t see many seniors at first and especially ones from vo-tech. One day in late February or early March, a girl came in the office. She was a senior, just off the bus from vo-tech.

“My stomach’s queasy.”

Checking her name to get in the computer record and the emergency forms, the girl told her it was Diamond.

“That’s a lovely name. Your last name is my maiden name,” Miss commented. As she got out the antacid tablets, an announcement of a soft lock down came over the PA. They had to stay put and doors and windows had to be closed through out the school.

Diamond sat in the chair facing the desk. Miss started the usual chit chat she did with seniors, “What are you going to do after you graduate?”

“Oh, I do nails. I have a business already,” she showed Miss pictures of the many nails she had done.

“Impressive. And that’s what you’re learning at vo tech?”

“Yes, ma’am. Teaching us about running the business, too.”

“That’s great and practical.”

“Oh, and here’s my baby,” Diamond displayed a photo of a chubby toddler with braids all over her head.

“She’s adorable. Who watches her while your in school?” expecting the girl to say her mother and was surprised to hear Diamond say, “Her father.”

“You’re still together?”

“Uh huh.”

“The experts say that helps. What does he do?”

“He works at the steel mill.”

“So, opposite shifts, huh? My husband and I did that when our girls were young. It works, but it is hard on the relationship, sometimes.”

“Well, hopefully, when I do my business full time, we’ll see each other more.”

“You have a house?”


“That’s great. It seems you have it together. I wish you all the best,” as the all clear of the soft lock down came over head.

Diamond never came back to the nurse’s office the rest of the year. Miss remained impressed at the dedication of a young mother, business owner and honor student. She felt there was hope in this world.

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