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The Small Warrior That Charges Forward

She stood in that empty field, faintly aware of the slight chill she felt from the western wind sweeping through. Only moments before was she wielding her katana, fighting and defending herself against the monsters that tormented innocent travelers of the woods. The fast-paced, adrenaline-charged battle had left her weary and on edge, but now, in the contrasting stillness of the field, she felt at peace. Closing her eyes and inhaling slowly, she allowed herself to meditate, a welcoming breath of solace and awareness of her surroundings. ‘So vast and wide the sky, the land, the Earth, the whole universe is’ she thought, and as she opened her eyes again, she smiled. Despite her small size in the grand scope of things, she knew that even the small acts of small people meant something in some way in the end. With that, she strolled forward with purpose, left hand gripping the hilt of her trusty sword. Descending the decline of the hill, she gradually disappeared from view. The last remnant of this humble warrior was her flowing black ribbon… 

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