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The Sound of a Rainbow: Color Poems

The slate wiped clean,
Fluffy clouds traveling the sky,
Caps of waves traversing the sea,
Drifts of snow,
Slivers of lies,
The cold and the simple things,
Living in peace and harmony.
The color of a new beginning.

An engulfing flame,
A velvet rose,
Threatening and dangerous,
Protective barrier,
The roar of anger,
The flare of passion,
Wounds that won’t heal,
Love that won’t end,
Hatred and Desire.
The color of contradiction.

The one that shares its name,
Sweet in winter’s deep,
Darkened sunlight and starting flame,
Citrus sharp and pumpkin soft,
Fallen stars at sea,
Sunset on a field.
The color of warmth.

The spark of hope,
A bright summer,
With friendship in bloom,
Imagination’s brick road,
Pixie dust and flutterbies,
While glowing harps croon lullabies,
The color of dreams come true.

Nature’s whisper,
Through thorns and vines alike,
New growth on the branch,
The promise to continue,
The lurking monster of jealousy,
Health and luck.
The color of the familiar.

A breath of wind in summer,
Across a laughing stream,
Crystal skies,
Frosty mornings,
Silent sadness,
The length that can’t be measured.
The color of the heart.

The shadow in between,
The shared shade,
Half of what came before,
And the rest of what is to come,
Confusion and clarity,
Dyed in the handknit weave.
The color of an echo.

Royalty and Arrogance,
Secrets and Wisdom,
The harvest field,
The lovers’ tree,
And crystals in a cave,
Shaded branch, broken flower, butterfly.
The color of a quiet mind.

A breath of cold,
The dark of night,
Unseen depths,
Unheard steps,
The mystery beyond, below, between,
Creeping doubts,
Chilling whispers,
The color of the unknown.

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