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From Santa

Christmas morning is always a special time for kids and parents. The little ones rush out of bed and spot the presents under the tree from Santa. Parents relax on the couch and watch the wonder fill their children’s eyes as they unwrap gifts from the mythical being.

For Laura and Logan, this particular Christmas was a sad one. Only a couple weeks before Christmas, their father had walked out on them and their mom, Kylie. The siblings were too young to comprehend why their father had left and their mom did her best to keep things quiet. She needed Christmas to be perfect.

In reality, she was a broken woman. She hadn’t slept since Daryl left. And for what? Some whore of a woman who would likely cheat on him before the new year? Kylie couldn’t understand. She had loved him with all of her heart. How could he do this to her? Christmas was her favorite holiday. Hadn’t he known that? Or did he not care?

There was one cure for her sadness, however, and it was watching her children sit on the floor next to the beautifully decorated tree. They sifted through the boxes, trying to figure out which of the presents they would open first. Laura and Logan read the tags and made piles of their presents.

“How about that big one in the back?” Kylie called out to Logan. “I’ll bet Santa left something really special in that one.”

“Ok,” Logan said as he dragged it from under the tree. It wasn’t overly huge, maybe the size of a cake box only a little taller. Logan, as most kids do, gave it a nice shake, eager to know what was inside. He found no clues in the sound.

“Go on, Logan. Let’s see what Santa got you.” She smiled at her son and he began tearing at the paper. Bits flew everywhere and his little sister collected them in a small pile behind her. She looked pleased with herself as she watched her older brother.

Logan revealed a cardboard box and placed it on the floor. A bit of red wrapping paper still clung to the bottom. He was less than excited to have to open his gift once more in order to reveal what it truly was.

“Go on, son. What’s inside?” Kylie encouraged him. He peeled the tape with his fingers until it finally came free. With excitement and anticipation, he flung open the cardboard panels.

For a moment, he stared inside the box, not sure what he was looking at. His mother smiled down at him. He looked up at her and no longer recognized the face that looked back. Her smile had changed from happy and joyful to twisted and sinister.

“What did Santa give you, Logan?” she sneered but he still wasn’t sure. He reached in and pulled at the item inside. It rolled over with a sickening flop! And Logan let out a blood-curdling scream.

“Merry Christmas, Son.”

Logan jumped up and pulled his sister by the hand. He dragged her out of the house and into the snow. He cried as he led a confused Laura to a neighbor’s house and told them everything. When the police finally arrived, they found Kylie in her bathrobe, sitting on the couch. She held in her lap the severed head of her ex-husband. She ran her fingers through the mangy, blood-soaked hair and hummed Christmas carols, ignoring the police as they approached.  

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