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Detailed Video Essay – The Takeover Part 3

This video essay was discovered to have been created, discussing the events leading up to and the beginning of what is being cited as “The Takeover” by the species. The creator of this video has yet to be assimilated, as his whereabouts continue to be unknown.


“…Never in my time on this Earth did I expect something on this level of catastrophe to ever come to graze our species, and cause the near extinction of it overnight.”

“…And never in my time on this Earth did I ever expect the fall of the human race to be caused by something so trivial, and yet something that has grown into a terrifying concoction of death and life.”

“My name is Doctor Monsune, I was a psychologist up until the start of this takeover, and I am creating this video essay to help inform anyone around the globe who may need help on dealing with these creatures. As much help as I can give, that is.”

“Let us start with the basics. The very foundation of this grand apocalypse we seem to find ourselves in. According to multiple sources I have spoken to (most of whom are dead now), this issue began on October 23rd, 2021, when hundreds of thousands of ‘traffic cones’ began appearing on random streets across the planet. No one knew where they came from, and they had caused a great deal of stress and accidents due to their positioning on these streets.”

“Many of the cones had been placed on busy intersections, and some unfortunate few had been placed on highways. These cones in particular caused many lethal car accidents, leaving a few dead bodies for this incident to begin forming. According to some witnesses, the corpses of those in the accident were said to have gotten up and ran away from the scene of the crime, before the police or ambulances could have shown up. Some were described to be miracles of life, with pieces of their heads and torsos missing, as they ran with the vigor and energy of a teenager. There are many recordings of these happening, but it is hard to discern the fake from the true.”

“What is true, however, is that days after these initial death defying moments, the people involved in the accidents were cited to have come onto social media, and began recording and live streaming themselves invoking a ‘challenge’ as they called it, where they invited anyone to attempt the ‘traffic cone challenge’, where you would have to locate one of these cones, and grab onto it without being hit by a car. The very nature of this ‘challenge’ seemed absolutely idiotic, but it seemed to have been effective enough to work on millions of impressionable children. That is when the next phase of this incident began.”

“According to sources and a use of common sense, it seems that the creatures now roaming our Earth like a feeding ground seem to have grown due to these people coming in contact with the cones. All it takes is one piece of physical contact, and the people are assimilated into the mass of the creature, which explains the car accident victims coming back to life. These creatures can use the corpses of their victims to lure others in.”

“Once enough victims were assimilated, the cones grew into their true forms. I’ve been told that their forms do not have any definitive shape, and that they can mold the form created by their victims in any way that they see advantageous. I have been informed of dozens of different forms, tentacles, spider-like mandibles, fins of a fish, even flying forms for traveling. These creatures know about the animals on our Earth, but scariest of all, they know about us more than anything else.”

“As soon as people began catching onto the fact that these cones were dangerous, the creatures shifted their tactics to psychological warfare. Using loved ones as bait, pretending to be a survivor looking for safety, and even disguising themselves as animals for people to hunt for food. They know how to manipulate the world around us to assimilate us, which means that nowhere is safe. They may even learn how to form into fake buildings, which means that if you leave your home, you will most certainly die.”

“I have been staying in my lab for the majority of this time, using my rations that I have stored here, and hoping that one day we will find a way to fix this. While we are waiting though, I have begun theorizing a potential way to find a solution myself.”

“I have a machine that I created as a part of an experiment for situational growth for teenagers, where multiple iterations of a life can be simulated within hours. All I would need to do is simulate this world, and try to find a way to fix it. That way I never have to risk leaving until I have a plan.”

“I could even try stopping the event altogether, just to see how the world would change because of it. It’s all a matter of how I want to do this.”

“If I can do this, and I can fix this, then I will finally be recognized as the genius that I always was. All I need to do is try.”

“If you are watching this, know that I am trying to fix this wretched world.”

“All you have to do is survive and wait for me.”

“I will not give up until we are saved.”

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