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I Think I’ve Been Possessed – Carol 29

[Transcript taken from voicemail left by victim, given to a random number on her phone.]

Um, Hi there,

My name’s Carol, and I’ll be honest, I’m really freaked out right now.

I just woke up in a random part of a city that I don’t really recognize, and I have no idea how I got here, and I think something possessed me and caused this to happen.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, let me back up a bit and give some context. The last thing I remember before waking up here was just going to one of my next classes on my college campus, in [Unnecessary],and I just remember feeling a bit strange, and then boom, next thing I know, I’m in a random part of a random city. I’m only calling this number because apparently it’s the last person I called while doing… whatever the hell I was doing.

I went to the nearest doctor to see if anything like, yknow, happened to me that could’ve caused it, or if anyone like, did anything to me, but I seem fine, and nothing happened to my body, so I have no idea what happened. The doctor suggested maybe I got drunk and blacked out, and also lost a bit of memory from it as well, but I don’t feel hungover, and I don’t usually drink anyway, so that doesn’t make any sense.

So I left the doctor’s a couple minutes ago, and I’ve been wandering around, thinking about what could’ve happened, and the only thing I can even think of is that I was like, possessed by something, I guess.

When I say that, I mean it seriously. I haven’t had any cases of DID or whatever they call it, and I can’t think of any other medical disorders that would cause this, so like, it makes sense why I would think like this, right?

I’m, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left this voicemail, I should just try and get back home and get some help and information from my friends. I don’t even know who you are, so I’m sorry for calling, but if you know anything about what happened to me, please, PLEASE call me back and help me out here.

If I seemed out of place, demonic, twitching, any of that possession shit, then like, I don’t know I can get an exorcist to help me or something.

I’m going to try and get back home, I’m sorry for bothering you.


[Second transcript is taken from a second voicemail, left by the victim nearly 24 hours after the first, to a different phone number.]

Hey there,

This is the girl you hooked up with last night at the bar, and I was wondering if you wanted to travel together, y’know?

Like, gosh, I’m laughing at how stupid I sound right now, but I heard you liked to travel a lot, and I’ve been like, really craving a travel trip, so I was wondering if you wanted to go together. We can go anywhere, I don’t really care, I just wanna get out of here.

I can pay for myself as well, and I think the company would be nice for the both of us, since we seemed to get off pretty well at the bar, if you catch my drift. God I’m a giggling mess.

But yeah, feel free to give me a call back if you wanna go together. I’m just wandering around the city, since I hate staying in one place, so I can meet you anywhere, just give me a call baby.


[Third and final transcript comes from the victim’s final voicemail, to the first phone number she had called when the incident first happened. After this call, the victim was never seen or heard from again.]

Please fucking help me.

I know I’m calling again, and I know I don’t know much about you, but it happened again. I got possessed again, and I have no idea what happened or where I am. I suddenly woke up in the back of a truck, with some random fucking driver, and I had to jump out of the car to prevent myself from being kidnapped, or whatever the fuck was happening.

My phone’s been low on battery ever since I woke up, and I don’t have my wallet or anything on me. I’ve been waiting outside of a gas station, and like, 5 minutes ago I noticed that you called me back and left me a voicemail.

So I came up to you in a random bar, and after we talked some, I got your number because I wanted to travel with you, is what I’m getting at from your voicemail.

I just, I don’t understand how I could have done that, apparently have no drinks, and still continue to forget everything that happened. Like, it has to be possession right? Some demon thing wants to leave this state, or country, and go somewhere private to do something with these guys. Like, if I went with you it would’ve eaten your face or something.

I don’t know, but I’m so confused, and scared, and my phone is going to die soon, and I just want some help. I don’t know where I am, I don’t even know who I am anymore. Am I Carol, or am I the possession right now, and Carol is the evil one? I don’t know, and I’m-

I’m so sorry for bringing you into this, but please, PLEASE help me. Send some kind of help, I’m begging you. I don’t want this to happen again, I don’t want to lose myself and hurt anyone. Please just help me, find a way to get this demon out of me.


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