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Want to be Better? – The Takeover Part 2

 A girl was walking down the street one day.

She was having a horrible afternoon, and wished to be alone. She had lost a job opportunity that she had been looking forward to, and all she felt was a stinging sensation in her head, thinking of all of the ways she could have been better.

She walked down her usual route, heading towards her favorite convenience store, run by Mr. Icker. Whenever she was feeling down, Mr. Icker would always give her a discount on her favorite slushie, since their parents were good friends with him.

As she passed by the store’s window though, a voice called out to her.

“Hey there missy, you seem to be down in the dumps!” The voice called, grasping the girl’s attention, as she turned towards the window. Staring into her solemn eyes was another girl, smiling widely, and pressing up against the glass, “I’m Julia Icker, but my friends call me Jules! What seems to be the problem?”

“I…are you related to the shop owner here?” The girl asked back, finding something about Julia offputting.

“Yep! He’s my dad. I just came by to get something, and I noticed you walking by looking all sad! What’s wrong?” Julia asked again, pressing up more against the glass separating the two.

“Well…” The girl pondered for a moment, wondering whether it would be worth ranting to this random window girl. Unfortunately, her desire for agreement got the better of her, “I just lost a job opportunity that I was really hoping for. I was just coming by here to get a slushie.”

“Ohhhh, that sounds rough! I’m sorry that you couldn’t get it!” Julia replied, not losing her smile, nor her chirpy tone, “What job was it?”

“Just….just a small editorial position.” The girl answered, finding the strange offputting nature of Julia to grow with every sentence, “Is Mr. Icker in? I know he sometimes goes on a break but-”

The girl went to try the door, but found it strange when it wouldn’t budge. The door was never locked unless it was closing time, even when Mr. Icker went on a break, he always kept the door open, since he would be right round the corner.

“Oh, pops is just in the back cleaning up a spill. He didn’t want anyone to see it since he thought it was embarrassing!” Julia said, her eyes following the girl, but her body never moving, “Say…you need a job, right?”

“Uhm…” The girl pondered yet again, thinking of her nearly dead bank account, and bills coming up that needed to be paid, “…Yeah, I do kind of need one.”

“Well, wouldn’t it be great if you could be better than you are now, so that you can get all of the job opportunities that you want?” Julia asked.

“I…I don’t follow.” The girl replied, starting to pinpoint what exactly about Julia made her so uncomfortable.

“What I’m asking is; Don’t you want to be better? Better than you are now, so you never have to be sad anymore?” Julia asked, “C’mere, I can help you out with that.”

Despite her better judgement, and her growing weariness, the girl reapproached the window, staring up at Julia. She wondered what Julia meant by ‘be better’, but the very concept of being able to be better than she is now, more confident, more outgoing, more responsive and sociable, resonated with her, and blinded her to reality.

“H-How can you make me better?” She asked, her tone shaking slightly as Julia’s grin stretched to an uncomfortable length.

“Put your hand against the glass and you can find out!” Julia exclaimed.

The girl had no idea what was going to happen, but something about the idea, the atmosphere, and the girl behind the glass, grin contorting to an exaggerated length, caused her to follow instructions.

She pressed her hand against the glass, watching Julia do the same, as she hoped that she would soon feel the change. She hoped that she would soon be better, as she saw the smile contort into something indescribable. She hoped that she had made the right call, as something reached through the glass.

And she did. She became better. She became something grander.

She became a part of the mass.

She is a part of the mass.

Mr. Icker and Julia Icker are a part of the mass.

You want to become a part of the mass too, don’t you?

You want to become better, don’t you?

Put your hand up against the glass then.

Your screen, press up against it, and assimilate.

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