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Chapter 156 – Haunting Naomi 

Chapter 156

“More, Jenn. Punch more and more and more and more. Do not let the pain deter you, just…fucking…punch,” I said.

Jennifer heeded my words and pushed back the pain of broken skin and bloodied knuckles. Her fist turned into a tool, a weapon to use against evil to fight for the good of humanity. That sounds rather dramatic, but this was truly a life and death situation. God himself could come down from the heavens and struggle to defeat Jennifer’s fist of fury. The way I saw it, we had about sixty seconds left to feed Todd some oxygen or God truly was going to gain an angel today.

Enormous cracks appeared in the invisible wall, reaching the clouds in the sky. Jackson returned to Jennifer’s side as she punched and punched at the wall, fighting to get through so we could help Todd. Jackson watched as Jennifer unleashed her internal hell against the endless wall. Large chunks of invisible glass material fell from the wall and sounded as if they shattered on the ground right at their feet. Jackson wanted to participate but he took one look at all the blood flying from Jennifer’s knuckles that he was severely deterred.

“Just make a hole big enough, I can squeeze through, I can get him some air. Ke3ep fighting Jennifer, I can get in there, just tell me when you feel enough of a hole,” he said.

The cracks in the invisible wall were very clearly defined, I was surprised at how easy it was to see them. Right about where Jennifer was punching you could see the cracks stop, an empty area floating at her height where the cracks had disappeared. She continued to stop and reach in, she was making a significant hole in the wall, almost big enough for Jackson to squeeze through without getting shredded to bits.

After another five punches, Jackson stepped behind Jennifer and yelled for her to move to the side. He readied his body and jolted himself from a standstill. Jackson gained as much speed as possible, jumped, and curled into a ball as he flew through the air. I winced in anticipated pain, expecting Jackson to ping-pong from the wall and end up on the ground battered and bleeding just like me. Jennifer cheered him on, fueled his spirit.

“The hole is big enough, you can make it, you will make it. Curl tight, fly strong. Get in there and get to Todd,” she said.

Watching and waiting for the certain impact, my eyes could not believe what we were seeing. Jackson did not bounce back; he was not recoiled by the wall. Jackson, my little brother, had breached the surface of the wall and was inside, or on the other side at least. It still was not very clear if the wall was a box or if it was simply a vertical plane that appeared and divided our existence. Nevertheless, Jackson gathered his bearings and rushed to Todd. I figured he had about ten seconds before irreparable brain damage set in.

“Get to Todd, Jax. Get to him now. You need to feed him life, push oxygen into his body. We will work on the wall and get to you guys but get oxygen to him now. He does not have much time left,” I said.

In this situation, we would all anticipate a slight hesitation, but Jackson did not take a second to pause and take in what he was doing. Taking very deep breaths, Jackson opened Todd’s mouth and blew the oxygen he saved in his mouth into Todd’s lungs. Jennifer took a second to clear the small shards of glass from the torn flesh of her knuckles and then went back to work. I gathered myself and met her at the opening. Maybe, just maybe, my beam would work out since damage had been done.

Turning my inscripted hand to the wall, I fired some subtle beams towards the hole that Jennifer had created, the hole that Jackson was able to fly through to see if I was able to assist in the breaking of the wall and try to get all of us through the hole so we could help Jackson with Todd. Jackson continued to breathe oxygen into Todd’s mouth. His condition seemed to remain the same but the fact that he was getting oxygen, that was a very good thing, that could buy us some time.

My lasers seemed to make a very minimal impact when they hit the invisible wall, not much changed, just a few small cracks arrived and settled on the glass. Harnessing all the power I had, I yelled to Jennifer to clear out and let me take a big shot. I was still leaking blood from my broken nose but that was not the problem right now, that was not the concern. My hand glowed as bright as I could ever remember, and I unleashed a massive blast at the wall.

“Watch out, I am going to fire everything I have. This is it, watch and let us see what happens,” I said.

My eyes, blackened and aching, glared at my laser beam as it headed right for the invisible glass wall. I was shocked when the beam made an impact and a massive explosion occurred. Jennifer was thrown backwards as fire and smoke billowed from the glass wall. Once the smoke settled, we would know the extent of the damage I was able to inflict on this impeding glass wall. Hopefully, this was the blast that would allow us to get through and get to Todd. As long as there was not a demon in the area, we would be able to make some progress and see what we could do for Todd.

I looked over at Jennifer as she struggled to rise from the ground after being thrown backwards because of my massive laser beam and the subsequent explosion it caused. The smoke began to clear, and I was able to see Jennifer, she had landed very oddly and looked like she had suffered some damage because of the blast. As long as she was able to assist, we could fix her up after we saved Todd, but she had to be able to assist me and Jackson. Her face was charred, eyebrows missing, and hair singed on top of her head, but I did not see major damage. She was less than pleased right now at the blast I had caused.

“Holy shit, are you serious right now? I was not ready for that one, I needed more time. Next time, you need to take your time and clear the area, I could have been really hurt,” she said.

It was hard not to giggle at this moment, her face was harsh and blackened, her eyebrows were gone and the hair on her head was pointing a million different directions. The smell of burnt hair filled the air as the last of the blinding smoke dissolved into the air and we were able to see if the wall was still intact or if we needed to figure out another way to get through so we could help Jackson with Todd.

I said, “I know. I am sorry Jenn. I did not expect that much of a reaction from the glass wall, that was absolutely insane.”

Jennifer got to her feet and brushed herself off, millions of tiny shards of glass fell from her clothes, that was a good sign. The smoke had finally cleared, and we could see clearly through the glass wall, all the cracks were gone or well in the air above us. We had done it; we made a large enough hole in the invisible glass wall to allow us to get to Todd and try to save his life. Jennifer’s face lit up; she was thrilled now, even without any eyebrows.

She said, “Get over here, we need to get in there. You did it, now we need to fight and save Todd’s life.”

The two of us rushed through the imperceivable hole in the glass wall and fell to the ground next to Todd and Jackson. Jennifer’s pendant began to shine a fluorescent green, if i remembered correctly, that was a good sign. She needed to use the power of the pendant to bring Todd back to us. This was still possible; this was still a full-on reality.

I said, “Touch him Jenn. You seem to have the healing power right now; your pendant is green. Touch him and see if it jolts him back to life.”

Without hesitation, Jennifer reached out and placed both of her hands on Todd’s chest. The entire atmosphere changed around us, birds were chirping, squirrels were excessively active, this was the time we could bring him back to life. I watched Todd’s face without blinking or breaking my gaze. He was still just as stoic as before. My brain reassured me that this was going to work, and we were going to be okay, Todd was going to survive.

Suddenly, a darkness filled the area we were in. Death and despair entered all of our minds as a figure appeared just in front of us, hovering over Todd. We had never seen this figure before, but we all knew who it was. Death.

He said, “Children, there is nothing you can do now. Todd is now property of mine; he belongs to me. I am death and nothing can reverse my decision. I am sorry but that is how this goes.”

This situation, this instance, was an emotional attack. We all scrambled our brains trying to think of some way we could make a deal with death to keep Todd on earth, to feed him the life he needed. I had an idea, but I know my alliance would not approve of it at all.

I said, “How about this? My life for his. When I die, I will be yours forever. I will not fight against it and my alliance will not use any abilities to bring me back. Hell, I could die in ten minutes, and I am yours forever, for eternity. How does that sound?”

Jennifer and Jackson looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Death looked down on me and rubbed his skinless face, bone on bone, as he thought about my proposal. It did not take long, and he had reached a decision.

He said, “Deal.”

His hand reached out and I grabbed it.

A deal is a deal.

“When it is your time, it is your time. Death has a schedule, and he sticks to it. No one, not a single person, has been able to break death’s schedule. He was very efficient and took pride in his job.”

-JA Boyce

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