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Haunting Naomi – Chapter 145

Chapter 145

The four of us stood at the large bay door in astonishment. The destroyed torso of demon Mrs. Williams had just been grabbed and taken into the depths of the darkness after Todd had harvested her demon orb and used it to heal my mangled arm. We could easily have turned, gathered into the van, and left the area if it were not for a couple of issues.

The first issue was the fact that the thing that had taken the torso, likely to consume it, was probably a demon. We had come here to secure demon Sarah behind a false wall, which Todd built, and we could not risk a demon being loose inside and eventually freeing demon Sarah. That would make everything we had worked for an absolute waste of time. Unfortunately, we had to battle whatever this demon was, where it was. None of us had even gotten a hint of what this demon looked like, it had yet to emerge from the darkness of the abandoned K-Mart.

The second issue we had was the fact that when the demon dragged the torso deeper into the darkness of the mold infested abandoned K-Mart, it had clearly not begun to chomp down on the meaty torso, it had returned to the edge of the darkness. The four of us were ten or fifteen feet away from a demon that was thirsting for blood and raw meat, but we could not see it or even determine exactly where it was. Our goal, a successful tactic, was to have whatever we were fighting attack us first and then we would launch a counterattack. It had worked exceptionally well so far; we were not about to change things up now.

There was no chance we would be turning our back now, this mini alliance did not run from a fight. We battled it out and dealt with the consequences that came after the dust had settled. My arm was fully reassembled now and ready to party and I was most certainly positive that the other three members of our mini alliance were ready to get down and dirty as well. Todd slowly tiptoed to his van and opened the back door. This movement resulted in a very heated exhale from the demon hiding in the darkness, waiting to attack us. Its breath fogged out from the edge of the darkness, filling the air with a smell of death and decay.

He said, “I am just going to check the back of my van for something useful. I may have a light back here, but I know I have a paranormal detector in there. If we could place the demon, determine where exactly it was, we stand a better chance at developing a plan of attack once we know what it looks like. Just watch my back.”

Jennifer and Jackson flanked me, one on each side. They had moved an equal distance apart to my left and my right, a typical stance we used when fighting demons. The equidistant formation gave us an advantage because nothing, at least so far, had been able to attack all of us at once and cause an issue with our tactics. Todd continued his deliberately slow ascent into his van, careful not to make any sudden movements so that the demon in the darkness would not lunge out thinking we had begun the battle. I was perfectly happy holding my ground while Todd worked to give us a leg up.

I said, “Everybody just stay calm. Slow and easy movements. Keep your abilities at the ready but wait until we are attacked first. We do not want to play all of our cards right now, save some for the real battle. Just keep doing what you are doing so we can buy Todd some time.”

Jackson shuffled his feet a bit, he seemed uneasy and anxious. Knowing him, he was ready to get his attack started but he was doing his best to follow my instructions, at least for the time being. Jennifer remained perfectly still, her eyes wide and observant. She would be ready when I gave the order, there was no issue with her, I had all the faith in the world she would wait for the optimum time to attack. I was concerned about Jackson though.

“Jax, calm down buddy. Just relax and hang tight. Starting the battle now would be an absolutely horrible idea. Just listen to me and wait for my directions,” I said.

He released a very slight dissatisfied sound; he knew that I knew he was itching to get started but he needed to relax because he had yet to learn how to control his abilities without causing him to pass out. If my little brother dropped to the ground in the middle of all this, we would be severely handicapped in the battle with this yet to be known demon. Todd had finished his calm and collected searching in the back of his van. He slowly rejoined us with a large spotlight in one hand and an odd-looking contraption in the other.

He said, “Alright kiddos, here is what we are going to do. I am going to activate this paranormal detector. This device should show at the least an outline of the demon we are facing off with. Once we can see the size and shape of the demon, when we are ready, I will flip on this spotlight and bring the demon out from the darkness and into the light. Are you guys ready?”

After Todd had ensured that we were all ready, watching each of us nod in agreement, he placed the paranormal detector down on the ground just outside of the large bay door. Before switching it on and outlining the demon, Todd took one final look up into the darkness l as if he were able to see through the thick darkness. Once he had had his moment, he slowly switched the detector on and calmly stepped backwards to get behind the three of us.

For a few brief moments, nothing happened. Todd did not seem concerned, he just waited very patiently. Maybe the machine had to warm up, perhaps the demon had to make some slight movement before the outline of the demon appeared. It seems that the warmup theory was correct as after a short lapse in time, a hazy purple line began to swirl through the air in the darkness. Very precisely, the purple line traced an enormous shape in the darkness. The shape was out of this world large, seemingly hunched over and some sort of pouncing position

The demon appeared to be larger than the parameters of the entire building, with just its head seeming like a normal size compared to the rest of the building. Without turning around or making any quick sudden movement, I could hear Todd’s jaw open wide, shock at what we were facing off against was certainly setting in for him. My mindset was not too thrown off, knowing the powers the three of us had.

“Guys, this changes absolutely nothing. Sire, the demon is big, very big, but have you all forgotten how we destroyed that humongous demon earlier? That was basically a piece of cake, a one-person job. How much worse could this thing be?” I said.

Seems like I had spoken too soon. Three sets of eyes appeared in the darkness, one over top of the other. The six eyes glowed a sharp neon green, one set blinking and then the next and then the next. Still, this changed nothing. We were still relatively certain we were battling one demon, a large six eyed demon but just one demon. Once again, I spoke too soon. A deep exhale escaped the darkness, from the mouth of the outline, and along with the exhale came a glimmer of orange fire and a wave of heat that could cook an egg. Jackson inched closer, even with the hot air pushing his hair back and reddening his face.

He said, “Naomi, will you please just let me handle this? I can have this job done in a matter of seconds, no doubt about it. Just give me permission, please.”

Jackson’s confidence was inspiring, but I still reserved the right to wait this out a bit. We had yet to be attacked. The six eyed hunched over demon had merely shown us that it could breathe fire, like a dragon. There was still no attack directed at us, so we would continue to wait until there was.

“No, we wait until we are attacked and then we respond with forces that this thing could never have imagined. For now, the fight is still on hold until something significant happens. Stand down, that is an order Jackson,” I said.

A stubborn huff and puff exited his tiny little body, his frustration was relatable, but we do not deviate from a method that works, ever. With the outline showing the size of the beast, we were now ready for the spotlight. We knew the beast was rather large, meaty, a hulking demon beast. We knew it had six eyes and it could breathe fire. Now it was time to flip on the light and see what this thing really looked like. Todd approached the large bay door once again and placed the large spotlight on the ground slightly ahead of the paranormal detector providing us the outline of the demon beast.

“Are you all ready for this part? I am fairly certain that when this light switches on, we are going to be under attack within seconds. I am going to flip the switch and retreat as fast as possible. Cover me, seriously, you guys know I am highly susceptible to attack,” he said.

Just as Todd’s swollen fingers touched the spotlight’s power button, a loud, ground shaking shuffle launched from the darkness inside of the building. Before he was even able to hit the switch to light up the demon beast, something happened. I could not believe my eyes.

I do know, Todd was not ready at all, but he did get that light on. He switched it on right before the demon beast dragged him into the darkness.

This was no longer a battle; this was a search and rescue mission.

“There are billions of things that can kill you in life. Try not to die from something embarrassing, death will never let you hear the end of it.”

-JA Boyce

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