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Haunting Naomi – Chapter 146

Chapter 146

The three of us stood outside of the large bay door leading into the darkness of the mold infested abandoned K-Mart. Each of us were in a state of shock as Todd had been snatched by a six eyed demon as he was setting up the spotlight so we could make a plan and exterminate the demon so it would not accidentally or purposely rescue our recently secured demon Sarah. For the briefest moment of time, we were able to catch a glimpse of the demon beast as it scurried off with Todd in its grasp.

As an instant and immediate reaction, Jackson tried to take off and run into the building so he could chase after Todd and more importantly the demon beast that had grabbed him. My hand grazed his shoulder as he zoomed past me, but lucky for me, Jennifer was ready as well. She caught the collar of his ratty t-shirt and yanked him back in line. Jackson threw her a shocked look, wondering why he could not go and take on the demon beast, why we would let Todd get taken when we were all perfectly capable.

He said, “What in the world are you thinking? We have to get in there fast before that thing tears Todd to shreds. I do not know about you guys, but I actually like the guy. Let me go, let me get that demon and bring Todd back to us.”

I was ready for what he was going to say, he was easily predictable.

I said, “Jax, we have to take our time and make a plan. Todd would not want any of us getting hurt because of this situation. We can still see the outline of the demon and we know exactly where it is, do not worry. I want Todd back just as much as you, we can do this, but we have to be very careful.”

He made a shitty face at me, which again was predictable, and turned his back to Jennifer and me. Jennifer looked over at me, she was just as eager to get Todd back as the rest of us. She was ready to get a plan started so we could get our alliance member back. Considering we could still see the demon; I was not too concerned. It had retreated into the back of the building and seemed to be waiting. Todd’s outline was not visible but the fact that the demon beast was sitting motionless, that was a good sign.

Before I could get the words out to begin brainstorming a rescue plan, a litany of screams bellowed from the depths of the abandoned K-Mart. It was Todd’s voice, his yells and screams. Chill ran up all of our spines and we once again had to detain Jackson from running into the darkness in a feeble attempt to save Todd. The fact that he was screaming was not a good sign, but it was not necessarily a bad sign either. At least we knew he was still alive.

Another set of Todd screams escaped the darkness and pounded our hearts and ears. Trying to remain emotionless in this instance, I had picked up on something that I thought was interesting. The demon beast reacted every time Todd let off a painful scream. In fact, every time there was a scream, the outline around the demon beast’s mouth opened wide as its neck stretched out. This made me very curious, this had to be some sort of mimic or passive antagonization.

“Did you guys see that? Every time a scream comes out that sounds like Todd, the demon beast makes the mouth movements for it. I have a pretty good feeling that Todd is not screaming at all. I think the demon beast is trying to trick us, play into our emotions, and force us into a mistake. I am fairly certain about this, we need to treat this as a trap,” I said.

Jennifer looked at me with a concerned look on her face and then focused on the outline of the demon beast hunkered down in the far back corner of the abandoned K-Mart with Todd. The screams intensified and began coming in rapid succession. She squinted her eyes and noticed that my observation was correct. The demon beast is mimicking Todd’s scream in an attempt to draw us in. That was a fantastic maneuver, however, we were far too smart for that.

During another attempt to make a rescue plan, we were interrupted again. All of us were facing into the darkness, watching the paranormal device’s outline of the demon beast as it waited for us to make some sort of mistake. The problem with all of us facing one direction was, we were susceptible to something, anything sneaking up on us, whether it be a human, animal, or a demon of any sort. I truly did not think about this until a very aggressive growl vibrated my spine, something had taken position behind us.

Jackson and Jennifer completely froze in place, still facing the eternal darkness and the demon’s outline. It was up to me; I was going to have to be the one to turn around and see what was about to rain down hell fire on the three of us. Slowly, as slowly as I could muster, I turned my head as far as it would turn before I started letting my torso help. In my peripheral vision, I could see a large, hairy animal standing about five feet from my back. If I moved too quickly, this animal would most certainly be able to secure me in its ravenous jaws and have my neck for a quick little snack before it went for Jackson and Jennifer.

Their only escape would be running into the darkness with the mold and the demon beast. The spotlight that was running did provide some sense of depth but not nearly enough for any of us to feel comfortable rushing in during a fight or flight situation. Another spine-tingling growl rolled from the hairy animal’s throat, reminding me that he was still present and ready for me to make a move so he could devour me in front of my best friend and little brother.

I said, “Guys, do not move. Please, just stand completely still. I am not sure what we are dealing with here, but I am certain this could result in a major tragedy if we play this situation incorrectly. Give me a minute, let me think. Ignore the screams from inside, I am positive that the demon is trying to work us into making a mistake.”

Jennifer quietly said ‘Okay’ without even moving her lips. Jackson, poor little guy, did not even respond. He stood stiff as a board, completely trusting me right now. I continued my rotation, slowly spinning one-hundred and eighty degrees, seemingly one degree at a time, as I forced myself to face the animal standing directly behind me. My nerves were fried, all I could envision was getting torn to shreds by this wild animal before I was even able to attempt to save myself.

Finally, fully spun around, I was ready to open my eyes. During my slow rotation, I had decided to close my eyes. I was not ready to come face to face with my death, not now, not while we were trying to figure out a way to rescue Todd from the large demon beast. As cautiously as possible, my eyelids slowly separated and allowed my eyes to begin the adaptation to the sun shining directly on my face. Once my focus was restored, I could not have been any more shocked than I was at this moment.

“Guys. Guys! Turn around and look at this. I think we are going to be alright,” I said.

As I stared the animal in the eyes, I could hear Jennifer and Jackson slowly sliding around to face me, their sneakers screeching out, begging to not be moved. A set of gasps and relieving sighs met my ears as they were expelled by Jennifer and Jackson. The demon wolf that Jennifer had wished away earlier on had returned to us. Its glowing red eyes looked past me and into the darkness, it seems the wolf could not find a forest as ordered by Jennifer’s wish.

She said, “No way. This is not what I was expecting. I had visions of the three of us getting massacred before Todd met his fate with the outline demon in the building.”

I reached out my hand, the one that the wolf had turned into a chew toy earlier and laid it on the wolf’s head. His growling increased as I touched him, but his eyes shut as he felt the calming effect of affection. Treating the wolf as if it were a household puppy, I did my best baby talk about how good of a boy he was and how beautiful he was. Never relenting from the growls, the wolf did start wagging its tail, that was the most relieving feeling I had felt in a long time.

The red eyed, growling wolf nudged my hip to move me aside. It slowly pawed it’s way closer to the large bay door, watching the outline of the demon that had taken Todd. All of our hopes were now placed in the returning wolf, that he would be able to defeat the large demon and bring Todd back to us unharmed or at least alive.

We were about to find out if our hopes were going to be made a reality.

Off into the darkness the wild wolf snuck.

“If you find yourself staring at the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen with a cool breeze caressing your face, do not fear, death has already taken to the other side.”

-JA Boyce

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