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Haunting Naomi – Chapter 147

Chapter 147

There was nothing we could do, nothing we should do right now. It was in our best interest to let the former demon wolf do what it does best and hunt down the demon that had just snatched Todd right out from the light and dragged him into the darkness. Jackson, even though he was eager to rush in at first, stayed in the position I wanted him, safe and in the light. We had eyes on the demon beast’s outline and had figured out that the screaming that sounded like Todd’s was actually the demon mimicking the emotionally distressing scream of Todd.

As the demon wolf disappeared out of the light provided by the spotlight that Todd setup right before he was snatched, we all watched on to ensure that we were safe but also ready to attack if the demon wolf needed it. We all clumped together now, we could see the outline of the demon so getting snatched or attacked was not at the forefront of our minds right now. This was a waiting game, and the waiting was not fun at all.

Once something of significance had happened, either the demon wolf attacked the demon that took Todd or something else significant occurred, then we could respond accordingly. After a few moments of nervous tension, the demon wolf’s outline appeared along with the large demons. We could tell exactly what was happening and where the demon wolf was in relation to the mimicking demon. Really, this was coming down to how proficient the demon wolf actually was.

I said, “Be ready, as soon as the wolf gets it going, we may want to think about jumping in and helping out. In no way can we let the demon beast dispatch of the wolf because then we are probably going to lose Todd. That cannot happen, period.”

Jennifer and Jackson already knew everything I was saying. They were well too aware that this could go about as sideways as a NASCAR being driven by Denny Hamlin. Walking over to Jennifer, I looked her right in the eyes and grabbed her by the shoulders. I removed my necklace with the powerful pendant on it and attached it around her neck. She would need it more than I would if we did indeed have to rush in and save the day.

Nothing would make any of us happier than having the wolf come out with the demon beast’s head in its mouth, leading Todd out of the darkness and back into the light. If that could not happen, if that did not happen, we would have no choice but to risk the darkness, the mold, the druggies, and the drunkards, and rush in to save the day. Todd was the priority, his life mattered just as much as our lives did. He was the brains behind this operation, our mini alliance would struggle to survive without him.

Jennifer smiled at me with a worried, quivering look on her face. She gently grabbed the pendant only to see that it had begun to glow red. She recoiled at the heat it was pushing and let it dangle, slowly warming the spot on her chest, just like mine. Her eyes began to squint, it was either the pain from the burning the pendant was causing or it was deeper than that. She shortly answered my question.

She said, “When is this going to end? Why are we going through all this? Why is it a constant battle, every day, every second? I just do not understand what we did to deserve this at all.”

Jackson grabbed her hand and clenched tightly, he knew exactly what Jennifer was feeling, hell, we all did. The fact that she was breaking down now was not a surprise, we were all worn down, beaten up, exhausted, and ready for a change. Having a busy life was exactly what I had always wanted but having to fight multiple times in the day to keep my life was not exactly the busy life I was expecting.

“Listen, we were put here for a reason, we are serving a bigger purpose. I get what you are saying, life is not meant to be this intrusive and hectic, but we are doing work for all the people out here that have no clue they need to be saved. We are saving people, literally,” I said.

Jackson’s face lit up as if he had just seen an alien and was able to capture a picture of it that no one would be able to throw doubt on. That does sound kind of cool, does it not? I was busy working with Jennifer, trying to keep her in the game. Hopefully, there was not an alien because that is literally the last thing we needed right now at this moment. The wolf was about to make contact with the large demon, this was a very tense and uncertain time.

Todd’s screaming had continued the entire time, the mimicking demon did not even try to keep it realistic. The tone and speed of the screams were very erratic and varied often. I was almost certain that the demon beast knew that we were well aware that Todd was not screaming but the psychological effects of the constant shrieks of horror and pain were terrible. Jennifer was now fully equipped and coming through her emotional spell, but I needed her to be one hundred percent ready. The wolf was within five feet or so of the demon that had Todd.

She said, “I am here, I am ready, I just need a break. We have to find a way to allow us to catch our breath. I want Todd back; we need him back. We do not even know if he is alive or not, or if he is, has there been any permanent damage. We need answers, that will make me feel better for sure.”

Scanning back to Jackson’s face, he was still very excited, his face told the entire story. He had leaned in very closely, almost touching the edge of the darkness. His anticipation of what the wolf would do when it finally decided to attack the large demon, was contagious. When I finally broke free from his excitement, I realized he had breached the darkness. We did not need to lose another one of our alliance members because of a simple mistake. I snatched him by the collar of his shirt and yanked him backwards way too hard.

“Jackson! You have to pay attention. There is more to worry about than the large demon. This place is crawling with drunks and drug addicts. They would not think twice about snatching you up, finding out where we live, and demanding a ransom. Do you want to become a homeless person’s kid?” I said.

Everything I said, how I grabbed him, it all happened so fast. My love for my little brother had been converted to fear which was subsequently installed into his little body. That was not my intention, but it happened, and I was not alright with it. Gently, I pulled Jackson in close to me, wrapped my arms around him, and kissed the top of his head. He began to sob just a bit, hopefully, I had not scarred him too much and he would be good to go when the time was right.

He said, “Naomi, you hurt my neck. I just want to help; I have never seen anything like this before. I am just trying to see the exciting part. Todd needs us, I think we are going to be able to help him, at least once the wolf gets down to business. I will be more careful sis.”

I knew he would be alright; I knew they would both be alright. I was just severely nervous about the state of Todd and all that we may have to do to help him. The waiting was literally killing me, but I did not want to push in too early and ruin the stealth the wolf had put in place. Being able to surprise the large, mimicking demon would heavily play into our hands. Jennifer nudged me, gave me a nod to tell me to turn around. Something was about to happen.

“Look, the wolf is right there, literally within touching distance of the demon that has Todd. Get ready, get your hand ready, we need to be ready to rush in as soon as the wolf gets the party started. Keep your eyes peeled and grab the spotlight, someone grab the spotlight on the way in, we need to get eyes on Todd as fast as possible,” she said.

Suddenly, the mimicking screams of Todd came to a grinding halt. In fact, all the sound exiting the darkness of the moldy abandoned K-Mart all ceased. It was remarkably eerie, and it felt like something huge was coming. I would be the one to grab the spotlight on the way in, we had to see where we were going and ensure we were able to steer clear of the druggies and drunks. The very absolute thing we needed was some sort of conflict with a real life human, I was very much not trying to kill anymore humans. Do not get me wrong, I will if I have to, if any of us needed it, I will end a stranger’s life immediately and without hesitation.

It was about time; the wolf was planning a fantastical attack. This was the catalyst of the battle, the time where everything could go right or wrong.

We had a demon to kill.

“Killing a demon, as rare as it actually happens in real life, does nothing in the big picture of life. Death has already claimed them, they cannot be claimed again.”

-JA Boyce

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