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Haunting Naomi – Chapter 150

Chapter 150

The giant wolf had been struck one time by the now deceased mimicking demon that had taken Todd into the darkness of the abandoned K-Mart. Shining the spotlight on the wolf’s body, the attack by the demon had contacted its torso. Ribs and blood, internal organs and shredded flash all filled my line of sight when inspecting the giant wolf that had saved the day and eliminated the mimicking demon. As usual, our mission’s objective had been modified on the fly.

We had to get to Todd, he was hunched over in the corner, we were still not sure if he was alright or if he was in need of some rejuvenation. Now, I felt we were obligated to take care of the giant wolf, the one that formerly was possessed and under control of demon Mrs. Williams. It was the least we could do considering the fact that the wolf had single handedly taken care of the demon and saved us a lot of heartache and potential damages.

I said, “Jennifer, go to Todd. Make sure he is alright, and he does not need anything. Jackson, watch her back and make sure she can perform a careful inspection without being attacked by one of these homeless people. I am going to work with the wolf and see if there is anything I can do to help him, we owe him that much at least.”

Very faintly, Todd’s voice resonated as he spoke to Jennifer in the corner of the Abandoned K-Mart. He did not sound physically hurt, but the pain in his voice from the mental damage that was done was very apparent. Jennifer and Jackson had kept an abnormal amount of distance from me, I feared they were thinking differently of me after my accidental killing of the running homeless man that burst out towards me from the darkness.

Carefully, I caressed the wolf’s face, guiding him into the light so I could get a better picture of what had happened to him and what I may be able to do to help him. Whimpers of pain leaked from the wolf’s mouth, his pain and suffering were immense. The damage, severe and grotesque looking, was something that seemed well too far gone to reverse. That being said, I was not about to give up on this giant glorious beast that had saved the day.

Setting down the spotlight, I guided the giant wolf to an open spot directly in front of the light. With a soft voice, I told him to lay down, so that I could begin to devise a plan to help him, at the very least guide him into the darkness and onto the path into another life. As he slowly released himself to me, whimpers howled from the wolf’s mouth. He was in a horrific amount of pain; his flesh had been torn from his cracked rib cage and I even noticed a few scratches on some portion of his guts.

“Lay down you gentle giant, let me get a good look at you. You poor thing, you have no idea how much good you have done only to be here in front of me suffering and dying. Your life will not go wasted; I assure you. You have done a great deed, fantastic deed. I will never forget you,” I said.

The giant wolf looked at me as it rested his head on the concrete in front of me. His eyes scanned my face as I spoke gentle words into his ears. The poor thing was bleeding everywhere and had suffered massive internal organ damage. I feared there was nothing I could do; I had never tried to heal a former possessed demon animal. My mind could not even begin to comprehend where to start in order to save this poor animal’s life.

With each deep labored breath, the large wolf took, more and more bright red blood spurted from the enormous open wound on its side. I simply did not know where to begin, there was so much damage, so much blood. Looking up for the briefest of moments, I could see Todd getting to his feet and standing with a little assistance from Jennifer. It looked as if he was not severely injured, just a little scuffed up and shaken by the entire event. He was speaking with his hands more than his mouth, but I managed to catch a few words.

He said, “Did you guys see that? That was absolutely crazy. I have never been that close to a living, hostile demon before. Oh man, I need my notebook, this must be documented.”

The beast’s chest rose slowly and fell quickly. This poor beast’s breathing was becoming erratic, uncontrolled. The life inside of this gorgeous animal was slowly slipping away with every second that clicked by. My hand, the special inscribed one, began to glow a fluorescent green, a color it had never illuminated before. Power was pulsating to and from my inscripted hand, power that could be used, but I had no idea what for.

“I am going to try something good buddy. I am going to see what happens when I use this power on you. I need you to trust me, this may hurt. Just trust me, I want to make you better,” I said.

As carefully and gentle as I could possibly muster, I slowly lowered my green glowing hand down onto the terribly injured beast. Each move I made was made with a deliberate action, ensuring the wolf was watching so it knew what was happening at all times. I suppose this is what old people would call a ‘bucket list’ item. Who here can say they have healed an oversized wolf that was injured by a demon using only one hand to do it? Yeah, no one in this enormous universe or the two adjacent universes either.

Very slowly, I rested my hand at the top of the wolf’s injury slightly below its spine. A vicious growl hissed from the beast’s mouth followed by numerous furious breaths. I knew this was going to be absolutely excruciating for the poor hero of the day, but there was no way to attempt to heal him without a little stinging. My hand began throbbing, not painfully, but it seemed to be pulsing as the fluorescent green energy I had subconsciously generated began to transfer into the wolf’s injured body.

I said, “You have to keep breathing buddy. Focus out the pain, think about whatever it is you wolves think about. Find that happy place, I know you can do it. This is going to be severely unpleasant, but it is necessary if you are ever going to see the light of day again.”

The wolf that had saved us from the horrid demon that took Todd was dying. It was my hope that the green light in my inscripted hand would be able to help, at the very least, ease the pain of the injury he sustained from the victorious battle. Each breath the wolf took seemed labored and difficult. I could even see his lungs expand and contrast with each cycle of oxygen he took in, the wound was that bad.

Once my green glowing hand touched down on the wolf’s wounded torso, I noticed Jennifer and Jackson walking over with Todd in tow. They were looking at me with a rather odd quirk to their faces. There was no way they were questioning me as to why I was trying to save this glorious animal from the grasp of death. Over consciousness took over and I began to think about what could possibly be happening that would cause such looks to be thrown my way. Jennifer spoke up and kindly let me know what was happening.

She said, “Naomi, your side, look at it. Are you okay? You need to stop right now, stop before it is too late.”

It had never occurred to me that using a new power, one that I had never used before, could result in some odd situations. Taking a slow, calculated look down at my side, I could not help but notice that my shirt had been ripped and more crucially, my side was mimicking the exact same wound that the giant wolf had sustained. There was one odd detail, I did not feel any pain from the newly discovered wound. It was horrifying to look at, but even with the blood squirting out in all directions, I was not suffering any ill feelings due to it.

The giant wolf lifted his head and looked at me, looking down at my wound. His response was unexpected to say the least. He began to growl at me, not an ‘I am going to tear you to shreds growl’ but something else. Was the giant beast telling me to stop trying to heal him, to let him pass to save myself? Is that what was happening to me right now? Was he truly trying to scare me off so my survival would be etched in stone?

My three human friends shouted out to me, pleading with me to release the wolf, save myself. Even the giant wolf was still doing his best to scare me away. I just could not justify leaving this ally to die, no matter what the cost.

Jackson had something to say about that.

He has some explaining to do after what he did.

“There is a certain moment in life where you realize death is coming for you. When that time arrives, you can feel the haunting sensation of someone watching you, waiting for you. That’s death, he is very efficient.”

-JA Boyce

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