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Haunting Naomi – Chapter 151

Chapter 151

There is a time that comes in every single person’s life, no one is immune from it, that you see someone you love as the worst being on the face of the planet. It happens to all of us, it does not last long, but it does happen. None of us want this to happen, who wants to hate someone they love so dearly? At this moment in time, after what Jackson did, after I tell you what he did, you will understand how I had this feeling.

It all happened so fast, to be honest. There was no time for any of us to respond to what he thought was the right thing to do. Telling the story now, even as dead as I am, my heart still hurts from that moment. More than how horrible I felt when I found out my mom hit a child with a car, killed him, and left the scene. It is the worst I have ever felt. Jackson made a decision and performed an action, he was scared, and he acted out, it was a mistake, but he did not see it as that in the heat of the moment.

As my green glowing hand rested on the wounded wolf’s body, right above the gaping wound it had suffered during the victorious fight with the mimicking demon, the wound appeared on me. My body seemed to suffer the same damage as the wolf had. I winced in pain as I felt the wolf’s pain. My skin color lost all color, and my appearance began to give off the look of death. Everything happened so quickly, I really did not think I was in danger, not serious danger.

Seeing me dying before his eyes, or so he thought, Jackson took it upon himself to ensure I would be alright, or at least give me a chance at survival. Without asking, without prompting, Jackson swung his small hands wildly. The result was the wolf being decapitated right before my eyes as I was fighting to save its life. The sound of an invisible blast slashing through the air filled the abandoned K-Mart. That was all it took. Jackson manifested a weapon, a weapon that was invisible, and used it to kill the wolf to save my life.

I said, “What have you done!? What did you do Jackson!? Tell me why!”

The anger that raged through my veins would most certainly be strong enough to kill an adult with a slightly strained heart. My world had never been flipped upside down like this before. I was confident that I could heal the wolf and once that was complete, my body would restore itself and both of us would be fine. I never got the chance to find out as I watched the wolf’s head get cleanly sliced from its neck.

Jennifer pushed her way in between Jackson and me. I was ready to rip his head off and lay it right next to the wolf’s head as it twitched as the nerves realized what had happened and began to slowly dim and die off. The level of anger that was rushing through my body was something I had never felt before. Usually, I was a very calm and calculated person. I feared that Jackson doing what he did was just the tipping point in a world where I have killed at least three people. My world will be forever changed, no matter what happens now, I was now a stone-cold murderer. Jackson seemed confused or conflicted at why I was so mad.

He said, “Naomi, what? What is wrong with you? Did you not see what was happening? You were dying, I saved you from yourself.”

We were all forgetting the main objective here, Todd. He was the reason we pushed into the building, none of us asked for the wolf to come back and help us, but it did. In my fury of rage and anger, I had simply taken the fact that he was still alive and not too badly injured for granted. Todd was alive, we came as four people and we will leave as four people, though a couple of us may be forever changed after this horrible series of events.

“We will discuss this later, Jackson. I know what I am doing, I had it all under control. You had no right to do what you did, not one single right,” I said.

He recoiled at the level of energy I was pushing his way, he looked down at my inscripted hand and his eyes grew the size of dinner plates. Taking a quick glance, my hand was lit up blood red, glowing with an intensity only reserved for emergencies and pesky demons. My heart skipped many fleeting beats. There was no way I was going to actually hurt my brother, no matter what he did. Was I losing control of my powers, letting my emotions run the show instead of logic and tactics?

With all that was happening right now, we were all still standing in the moldy, dark abandoned K-Mart. There was no way to tell if we were in danger or if someone was watching us, not with the envelope of darkness surrounding us. For the time being, we would have to agree to disagree, agree to not hurt each other in the darkness and table this conversation for another time. We had to get ourselves to safety.

Todd limped towards the light of the large bay door under the arm of Jennifer as she guided him out of the abandoned K-Mart. He had sustained some sort of injury, but he was fully coherent and aware of what was happening around him. I was very curious what injury he had sustained and if he had suffered the injury when he was snatched from the light into the darkness or if the injury had occurred when the wolf attacked. I was relatively certain that the injury he had sustained did not occur during the planning phase when the mimicking demon was posted up in the corner away from the light.

The closer we pushed towards the light, the longer we went on without speaking, the anger inside of me began to overflow again. My inscripted hand fluctuated between red hot glowing and a state of normal every few seconds. It was a bit concerning that I was struggling to harness the power that was instilled inside of me. For the time being, I had zero control over my powers, aside from actually using them against anyone. In the forefront of my mind, I was very clear on the fact that I did not need to raise my inscripted hand. Doing so would certainly result in potential for an accidental discharge and the horrible possibility that I may hurt one of my mini alliance members.

I said, “Get me out of this terrible place. Get us out of here now please. I am losing control, I feel as if something is broken inside of my brain. Lead me out of this darkness and into the light, hurry.”

My words were not intended for anyone in particular, I just wanted to make sure my alliance members knew that I was struggling, that if something horrible happened, it was not my intention. I could hear Jennifer’s denim begin to rub together quicker and more ferociously. She had picked up the pace, even with Todd under her shoulder. Jackson was somewhere in the darkness, moving forward with us but I could not place him, he was being extremely quiet, and I assumed he was trying to stay out of my mind so I would not accidentally blast him to pieces in the middle of what used to be the toy aisle of the abandoned K-Mart.

Jackson and I had begged my mother on an aisle very similar to this one back in our hometown, inside of a K-Mart just like this one. The memories of the past began to flow expeditiously into my brain, reviving my common sense, my love for my little brother. He made a move that killed something that I had grown attached to, he did it for me not to spite me. I knew this from the start, but this influx of memories had reminded me of my responsibility to my little brother and how much he loved me. He acted out of fear, not out of malice.

The closer we became to the light coming from the large bay door, we would be free from this filthy, immoral place soon enough and then we would help Todd, discuss what happened inside of this dilapidated building, and find a way forward. Once we were able to assess the situation, then we could make tweaks to how things were handled. Nothing would make me happier than getting all of us out of the darkness and back into the light.

The only issue we had now was the fact that right at the border of the light and dark laid the man I had blasted into smithereens. The man running for his life out of fear and self-survival that met me at the edge of the light. The man that I had ended in one quick second of over-preparedness and anxiety.

The closer we got to the light, I searched for the man’s remnants.

I could not see them, they were gone.

This made absolutely zero sense.

“Sometimes you have to just kill somebody. I know, I know, it is wrong, and we are not supposed to kill each other but damn, it feels so very good. Death appreciates your donations to his army.”

-JA Boyce

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