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Haunting Naomi – Chapter 154

Chapter 154

Todd, with his leg wound, would have to wait just a bit longer while we investigated what we thought was the man I killed as he ran into the light. Obviously, if I killed him, he would not be able to make moaning noises or anything like that, so it was fairly easy to discern that the dead man had been turned into a demon and he would certainly be looking for some sweet, delicious revenge. I mean, who would be alright with getting killed out of the blue?

Jennifer and Jackson had taken the lead as I made a fine attempt at catching up to them as we headed towards the corner of the abandoned K-Mart. The moaning was like a mating call, this was not the typical ‘I am in pain’ moan. It resonated incessantly, calling us to come and see what was happening. Judging by previous experience, I had no clue about what may be around the corner, all I knew was that we were walking towards danger, and we had to be ready.

I said, “Slow down, guys. Let me catch up, this could get wild. I know it is probably the severed dead guy but who knows what has happened to him now that he was possibly a demon. We have to treat each situation as a major incident until we deem it otherwise.”

Slowly ever so slightly, my duo slowed down a bit and allowed me to close the gap between us just a bit. We were about to come around the corner where the potential demon threat was. I was not too concerned, but we needed to take every aspect of demon hunting seriously or we would face the consequences. Finally, within range of my team, I grabbed both of them by the shoulders and tugged them backwards a little too aggressively.

“What the hell? We have this under control. Let us go hard and show you we can hold our own,” she said.

Jackson chimed in quickly, ready to play his role in this demon battle. The two of them were very eager and full of confidence.

He said, “Yeah, Sis. We can handle this, just watch and learn. I have been practicing, and I have gotten a lot better.”

We turned the corner with an efficiency that would make most police departments proud, I did not expect to see what we saw. The lower half of the man that I had split in two with a laser beam fired a touch too early was beginning to grow a new upper half. Same goes for the original upper half of the nicely killed man that was running for his life, well, it was developing a new lower half. In a matter of moments, we would have two demons to battle.

To be honest, we have been in far worse situations but I really wanted to end this quickly so I could get back to Todd and make sure he was alright. That burn on his leg, if it was from a demon, it could get worse than infected, he could become possessed. I motioned for Jennifer and Jackson to ease up, wait it out, let the two halves develop into full grown adult demons. We could dispatch of these guys with the snap of a finger. It was nothing but something to do that was in our way of getting out of here and helping Todd.

“Why are we waiting? We should just eliminate these demons before they become full blown fighting beasts,” he said.

The evolution process took no longer than five minutes as the three of us stood by and observed. It really looked painful, like extremely painful. The two halves had developed into two grown adults, twins to be exact. They seemed to share the same DNA, they seemed to be feeding off of one another. Remarkably, the two beings were agile and nimble, they split up and stood on either side of us. Jennifer began barking orders.

She said, “Watch these guys. One to the front, one to the back. We need to form a triangle, a strategic position.”

She was right, right as rain. We backed into one another as the two demons attempted to gain an advantage over the three of us. That simply would not happen, it could not happen. Eliminating the demons would be easier than waking up in the morning and brushing my teeth. No one wants to brush their teeth, but we have to, just like how we have to kill these demons. I wanted Jackson to take the lead here and show off a little something for us and to see if he had himself under control.

I said, “Jax, you want to take a shot here? Go ahead, let us see what you can do. See if you can handle this battle without overdoing it, clear?”

Jackson stepped aside from the two of us and corralled the demons, making them line up to face him. He rolled up his sleeves, he wanted to give the impression that he needed the extra sleeve space to perfect his special moves. Ensuring his feet were set firmly on the asphalt beneath him, Jackson shuffled in place preparing to launch his end all be all attack. Everything was in place, all that needed to be done was the demon killing.

Jackson pushed his head upwards, his body lifted off of the ground. My little brother was levitating right before my eyes, he was growing stronger more and more every single day. This was only a matter of time; Jackson was about to rip these demons joint from joint. His entire body became shrouded in a light green aura, his hands ignited with flames. He was literally the phoenix rising from the ground.

The time had come, and, in a blink, the demons were turned to ash. Right before our eyes, two large piles of ashes appeared in front of our feet. The threat that was gnawing at us without a care in the world was now nothing more than debris floating through the air. The best part of all this, Jackson managed to stay conscious the entire time and turn off his abilities just as easily as he was able to turn them on. I had never been prouder of him than I was at this moment.

It was at this moment, the moment that my brain filled with joy, that I heard Todd screaming. We needed to get back to him as quickly as possible. We were only around the corner, and I was sincerely hoping he was not being attacked by a demon. I was all about killing some demons right now, but I did not want to see Todd in any more pain than he already was. I had to get to him, we all had to get to him.

Todd, who had been out of our sight for over ten minutes now, began to scream wildly, a scream that reminded me of the one time I watched a lion attack its trainer in the middle of a three-ring circus. That scream, the ‘I think I am about to die’ scream, is what makes your bones chill and shiver with fear of what may be happening. That scream triggers the best of the best adrenaline rush you could ever experience. We needed to get to him to see what was happening.

Something was attacking him, something we could not see. The wound on his leg had to have something to do with it, I was almost certain of it. It truly appeared as if he was wrestling with another being, some being that we could not see. We had to get to him now or he could be taken away from us forever and our alliance would never be the same again.

I rushed back around the corner after defeating the demon or demons, well, it was complicated. The man I cut in half made himself a duplicate, does that count as two people or were we fighting the same person just two bodies working off of the same brain. It did not matter if it was one demon or two, we came out on top, and victory always felt sweet as life itself.

Back to Todd, he was grasping at his leg as if something were chomping down on his flesh. He was now rolling around on the destroyed concrete platform, the pain he was in looked unbearable. His hands frantically grasped at his wounded leg; the denim began to rip away seemingly all on its own. This was well beyond anything we had dealt with before.

We rushed to his side. I could not believe what was happening to him.

“When death comes for you, and trust me he will, do not run from him. He gets such a thrill out of a chase that you will only make him happier and extend your torment.”

-JA Boyce

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