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Haunting Naomi – Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Shivering in my tear drenched shirt under the stairs of Mrs. Tannell’s house surrounded by a demon mother and son duo, my concern was not with the impending attack from the demons but more so with the large hairy beast that had just burst from the only unsearched room upstairs. With the pendant in hand, I should be able to fend off the demons and any strike they may launch but that was not a certain.

The demon lady pushed her hovering demon son aside and shuffled in close to me, almost face-to-face. She looked down at my pendant and laughed, a gaudy laugh that resounded through the large room and echoed for what seemed like ages.

She said, “Your little magic necklace is as good as nothing when it comes to fending off my attack. It may work on my little son, but I am far stronger than him and will not be taken down by a little piece of metal.”

The demon boy hovered a step back from his mother and began to glow a dimmed shade of grey, his face slouched as he took in the damaging words his mother had just said about him. In an instant, the dimmed grey glow changed to a bright red pulsing illumination that burned my skin as if I were in the summer sun with no sunscreen on.

“You underestimate me mother. I will not be insulted by anyone, especially not by my own mother,” he said.

The demon boy hovered higher above the floor, lauding over his mother with a look of crazy in his eyes. I may have had an opportunity to do something to save myself or help Todd out, but I really needed these two demons to get aggressive and start trying to measure each other up. The demon lady smiled exposing heavy white fangs and a snake’s tongue.

She said, “Son, I am the reason you are even able to be here right now. Do not disrespect your own mother, not now, not ever. You will do as I say and that is that. Clear?”

Still trapped in the corner under the stairs, I could not believe what I was seeing. The two demons were in some sort of power struggle and for the first time in a long time I felt as if I was not being watched or threatened. Of course, it’s all about perspective, they were arguing over which one of them was stronger in relation to killing me but oddly that allowed me to settle myself down a bit and regain control of my mind. I tried to scan the area, slowly and precisely, so I could formulate a plan of escape.

The demons began hovering around each other, creating a colorful tornado style cyclone that meandering itself to the center of the room. It was not clear if they were physically fighting or just posturing like two dogs trapped on opposite sides of a gated backyard. Taking this opportunity, I resecured the pendant and necklace around my neck. Immediately, the power infusion was obvious and strong. The pendant began humming and glowing a deep dark red.

Scanning the area, there truly was not much to work with. Wayne the Uber driver drifted ever so subtly around on the floor, the force from the demon twister pulling at his body. There was one substantial piece of the door that had darted itself into the black hardwood floor, perhaps I could use that if it was even possible for me to remove it, a true sword in the stone situation. Finally, there was still the two-story tall black furred beast to address. We needed its allegiance desperately.

I said, “Todd! Are you seeing this?! What’s the plan buddy?!”

The entire room filled with the sound of the two demons sizing each other up, spinning around rapidly creating the classic locomotive tornado sound. While I waited for Todd to respond, I gave myself a once over. My inscripted hand was sore and raw, attached to an arm that felt as if it had fallen asleep. Nothing seemed out of place though, I still might be able to get myself out of this tumultuous situation without dying.

“Well, I am kinda dealing with something up here Naomi! I cannot do much sightseeing right now! Trying really hard not to become this things lunch!” He said.

The beast, tall and muscular, turned its attention to Todd while he was pressed flat against the wall on the second floor upstairs. There was nowhere for my friend to run, no way to hide out of sight, he was face to face with the black furred beast as each waited for the other to act. With each exhale, the beast’s breath pushed Todd back against the wall and scarily it seemed, the beast was not excited or breathing heavily.

Todd did his best to remain calm and keep a neutral face about himself, sadly though, I could see from where I was that he had peed his pants. If the situations were reversed and I was face-to-face with an unworldly beast with absolutely no plan or protection, I would have probably soiled myself as well. I could not blame him for being in such a large amount of fear.

I said, “Todd, you must make contact, something. We need to sway this beast to be on our side. Give it a pat on the head or something.”

With a look of contempt plastered on his face, Todd turned to me, threw out a stinging stare, and threw his hands to his sides as if he were helpless right now in this moment. The beast seemed to notice what I had said and pushed its tan smooth face onto the floor of the balcony. The head of the beast had Todd beat by at least an inch, that is how enormous this monstrosity was. Nothing would save Todd if the beast were to attack.

The beast began to whimper, it was hard to hear though the demon fight, but it was definitely a sound of compliance and not aggression. This made me feel elated and I am fairly certain Todd was breathing a bit easier now too. Todd approached the complacent beast slowly, his sweaty fat hand outstretched in front of him, he patted the head of the beast to its excitement.

I was now standing up at the foot of the stairs just watching everything unfold. There were still a lot of questions but at this current point in time, we were beginning to gain control of the situation, at least that’s what my gut said. The demons were busy dancing their abstract tornado set providing that deafening locomotive melody and the best seemed to want to befriend us.

I said, “Give it some good pats, Todd! Make it memorable.”

The more Todd patted the beast’s course black fur covered head, the more joy the beast expelled. It’s tail, longer than my entire body, began to uncaringly swoosh from left to right, right to left, each pass it made on the flow grew faster and more forceful. It had not hit me that this could lead to an issue until…well…it hit me. The beast’s huge thick tail accidently, I think, hit the tangoing demon duo.

This swift powerful contact from the tail of the enormous beast caused the demons to break apart from each other’s grasp and sent them to separate corners of the room where they regained their breath and recalibrated their brains on what the actual goal was at this time. The demon lady turned fiercely towards me, standing on the opposite side of the room, and instantly charged towards me.

Knowing what I needed to do to stop her, I raised my sleeping arm to her face and prepared my powerful inscription to ward off her waning attack. A burst of orange light shot out from my extended palm and slowed the demon woman’s rapid pace towards me. Without warning, my palm flickered and finally stopped glowing. The demon woman was free to pounce on me and do what she had wanted to do since she tricked me into feeling sympathy for her.

In the blink of an eye, the demon woman was directly in front of me. She reached out her hands and grabbed me by my shirt. Her grasp was so hard that she wrung all the stored tears from my soaked shirt out onto her hands. Instantly, she recoiled as my tears ate away at her skin, flesh, and bones. Before she made it back to her side of the room, she was screaming in agony as her hands disintegrated before her demon cat eyes.

Todd and the beast watched on, seeming to enjoy the show, as the demon boy began to charge himself up and prepare for an attack. With his mother out of the game for now, it was the demon boy versus me, middle of the floor, winner takes all.

I had never seen him so enraged; his glow was blinding and the power he was secreting was nauseating. He had changed since my pendant had shot through him, transforming his little body into a glossy black puddle of slime.

Let the battle begin.

“The cries of the dead are terrible indeed; you should try not to hear them.”

― Philip K. Dick, VALIS

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