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Haunting Naomi – Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Scotty Geraldy was blocking my door, Jennifer was almost back in the world of the living again, and something was gently pinging at my window. The kind of pinning that reminded me of really windy days when the loose dirt or pine needles would fly through the air and bounce off of the windows of the house. That sound was very soothing, and I enjoyed it every time it happened, this time however, it was one of the farther things from my mind.

Jennifer gasped back to life with a succession of deep breaths and a panicked look in wild eyes. If we survived this situation, I was certain I would not have to prove my ghost fighting special powers to Jennifer anymore. The real issue here was taking on Scotty and whatever demon that had possessed him.

Leaving Jennifer on the bed as she gathered her bearings, I went to the window as the constant pinching on my bedroom window continued on. With it came a humming sound, a very faint weak whisper. When I peeked out over the windowsill, there stood Todd on the ground below my window like this was an eighties teenage romance movie. He had a device in his hand, and it lit up his face blue with its glow.

Before I could signal to him or warn him that things were bad up here and I was under attack, a firm grip wrapped around my slender neck. Claws sank into my flesh as I was quickly yanked away from the window and tossed across the room against the far wall right below my inspirational yet comical kitten poster that read, ‘Grab today by the tail’ as the kitten was attacking its own tail in a frenzied spiral of delight.

Hopefully for Jennifer and I’s sake, Todd got the message that some unearthly thing was occurring right now and that I desperately needed help from him. Judging by the glow on his face from whatever paranormal device he was holding had alerted him that I had some unwelcome camouflage visitors. Boyfriends can be bad, especially Scotty Geraldy, but his level of naughtiness did not compare to that of a vicious demon from hell.

Jennifer was finally coming out of her demon induced coma, only to sit and watch me fly across the room at the hands of her lovely boyfriend. There was no doubt that she was now a believer in my abilities and the whole ghosts and ghoul’s thing but I needed her to help me out and use that special ability she may or may not have.

She said, “Scotty! Stop! What are you thinking? I know you play the hard ass all the time but what the hell is happening?”

She had bought me some time to gather my thoughts and get my brain focused on the task at hand. Her face was absolutely saddened at the sight of her man tossing me around and more disgustingly, stabbing her through the throat. She rose to her feet, a little unsteady, from the bed and approached the demon possessed Scotty Geraldy. When she approached him, she was very gentle but firm with him.

“That is enough now Scotty. Stop this now. I really wish you would be kind and stop this right now,” she said.

Instantly, as the last syllable rolled from her tongue, Scotty fell to the floor, unconscious as he began convulsing. It was clear that her special ability had just shown its face in the pan of her sentence. Now we just had to nail it down and figure out how exactly she used it. I think I had a pretty good idea what it was and how she could turn it on and off. Now we just had to deal with the seizing Scotty Geraldy that was flopping around my floor like a fish out of water.

I said, “Help me with him, let’s make sure he does not bite his tongue off.”

Jennifer grabbed his legs as I straightened out his torso and arms, he was battling us unknowingly and making this far more difficult. His eyes had rolled into the back of his skull, showing only red vein covered whites. His teeth were grinding away as his jaw locked itself shut. There was really nothing we could do but wait it out. Unless we wanted to grab my parents, show them a boy lying on my floor, and get the medics involved.

That was not going to happen.

Jennifer began to cry, like ugly face heaving over crying. Either she had the realization that Scotty was being toyed with by demons or she was coming out of the shock of being stabbed through the throat by her boyfriend. Whichever one it was, we needed help to get Scotty stable. That’s when my window burst open.

Neither of us could help but scream, especially after what we had just gone through. I turned to fire my orange beam from my special hand but just as it was charging up, I realized that it was just Todd making an entrance for the ages. He would know what to do.

He said, “Hey there ladies. Seems like you have an issue here. Let me take a look.”

Jennifer and I backed off and let Todd examine the still convulsing Scotty. He used a micro flashlight to check his pupils, they were round again but fully dilated. Then he checked his pulse, it seemed like that was through the roof. Todd waved us off and pulled out a very large syringe from his fanny pack.

“A little bump of adrenaline and some valium should break this seizure. Was it the demons again Naomi?” He said.

As he finished his sentence, he noticed the symbol on Jennifer’s neck made up of dried blood. He had seen it as well but not from Wayne the Uber driver as I did. Every second, we were learning new things about demons and how to fight them.

I said, “Definitely demons, he stabbed Jennifer through the neck. I brought her back with the pendant. Can you give her a once over after you are done with him?”

Todd nodded as he raised both arms above his head, his hands clutching the huge syringe ready to make an entrance into Scotty’s chest cavity. With a crisp swoosh, Todd jammed the needle into Scotty’s chest and released the fluids it was full of. Within seconds, the seizing stopped, and Scotty remained down on the ground unable to perform any sort of task at all, short of breathing.

“Well, he is good to go. Just leave him be and let the meds run their course. Jennifer on the other hand, as long as she is up and able to hear, she should be good to go. The color in her eyes tells me she is not under the influence of any demonic spirits,” he said.

I had forgotten that I took a capsule as the attacking migraine crept up on me and practically disabled all of my normal functions. Blurred vision combined with slurred speech; I was going to be no good to anyone until I could get this mind-numbing migraine under control. Jennifer immediately noticed the change in my demeanor and sat me down at my desk as gently as possible.

She said, “You have a lot of explaining to do but for now, you need to rest. I guess I will help Todd even though he is a stranger, and I am excessively uncomfortable right now, but I trust you.”

Todd turned on his handheld device and began waving it around the room methodically. Judging by the look on his face, we were in the free and clear and safe for now. The attack was a surprise, so close to when we sent the demon boy and mother back to hell. It had to be the portal. Todd smiled at Jennifer, a calming smirk, as she backed away and bumped into me.

I said, “Todd, she has a special ability. She said ‘That is enough now Scotty. Stop this now. I really wish you would be kind and stop this right now’ and Scotty just fell right out onto the floor. Can you look into it for me while I shower?”

Todd acknowledged my request and took Jennifer to the side so I could stretch out and cover my face from the blinding overhead lights. He pulled out a small needle and a long Q-Tip. I guess he needed some DNA to test and see if anything had changed from human form to superhuman form.

He said, “I’m going to swab your mouth and take a bit of blood, all in the name of science. Sit down and let’s get this over with.”

Jennifer hesitated.

I said, “Just do it Jen. I can explain later but Todd is a good guy and knows a lot about what we are dealing with.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and allowed Todd to do his work.

What would the results say? Was she really a fully changed teenager, a superhuman?

“Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can’t savor all the… little emotions.”

· The Dark Knight

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