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Haunting Naomi – Chapter 51

Chapter 51

With my pendant glowing hot blood red, I knew something was taking place, something that was miserable and dangerous for Jackson, my little brother that I just saved from a lifetime of soulless living. I restored his happiness at the expense of my freedom and secrecy. It was beginning to make itself very clear that nothing could be taken for granted at any point for the foreseeable future. The demons had keyed on me for revenge and a potential portal into this world of the living.

I said, “Jennifer, something is not right, my pendant is glowing and it has been ten minutes. How long does it take a little kid to change his shirt?”

With haste, I grabbed Jennifer and we began to head towards the stairs. Looking up the ascending staircase, all that appeared was pitch black nothingness. The darkness was broken up by a very subtle blue light coming from somewhere around the corner. The callus on my neck began to burn as the pendant was glowing so heated that even my dead firm skin it had created began to revitalize itself so I could feel the danger warning with relative ease.

Jennifer seemed extremely concerned, more than normal, and began pacing back and forth at the head of the staircase. She wanted to solve this problem knowing how much Jackson meant to me. I am not sure what happened to get us to this point, complacency perhaps, but we needed a solid solution to this problem and we needed it quickly. The meeting with The Wall was in fifteen minutes and here we were, the two key subjects of the meeting, having to possibly battle some evil entity.

She said, “Jackson, I wish you would come downstairs with your new clean shirt on so we could leave and get to our meeting.”

A slight rustling sound escaped in the direction of the blue light. Was this Jackson attempting to escape something that was attacking him because Jennifer used her special ability to wish him out? We would not know until we went and found him. There was no need to be excessively scared of what was around the corner at the top of the stairs, we had battled demons and always ended up coming out on top.

I said, “Jackson, if you can hear me, we are coming to get you. Do not struggle and do not fight, we can handle it.”

Just as I set my foot on the first step to begin my climb up the stairs, someone knocked on the front door. Knocking was an understatement, they were pounding. There was an urgency to the knocking that calmed me, I think I knew it was someone that was on our side. Jennifer turned and headed that way as I was basically frozen in anticipation. I was really hoping it was not someone we had to entertain or keep occupied as we did not have the time for that crap right now. Jackson was trapped in his bedroom and m y pendant was glowing its reddest red.

Jennifer tried to peek out of the peephole but it appeared she was having some trouble either maintaining a good view through the tiny hole or whoever was on the other side was not in sight of the peephole. She turned back and looked my way, I gave her a nod in confirmation, and she opened the door quickly hoping to catch whoever it was off guard. That quick open did work, as the person on the other side pounding on the door was scared half to death.

With the girliest little scream, Todd crouched down on the front mat and shivered in fear. This was an absolute hilarious sight to see but in the circumstances, not one of us laughed. Todd stood slowly, checking himself for urine spots and steadying himself using the rails on the porch. His face slowly transformed from a ‘never been so scared in my life’ to ‘I am not scared anymore, I am worried’ look.

He said, “Son of a holy set of biscuits Batman! You scared the bejesus out of me. I picked something up on my Paranormal Experience Machine, I call it the PEM. Are you guys okay?”

Jennifer stepped aside with a frustrated look on her face, time was ticking and we were no closer to finding Jackson, determining what was happening, and saving him if that is truly what was needed. Todd stumbled into the house, still a little rattled from his entrance experience. My nerves calmed themselves a million percent once it really hit me that Todd was here and that meant there were three of us that could go help Jackson.

“No, well, yes, we are technically okay but Jackson is upstairs and something is wrong. We have to go get him immediately. We need all the help we can get so prepare yourself and let’s go save my little brother,” I said.

The three of us readied ourselves at the foot of the stairs again. The darkness was still looming in the upstairs hallway and the blue light was still dancing freely. Beginning with Todd, the three of us lined up like a SWAT team ready to breach an area where a hostile person was threatening the lives of millions. We were tactical and efficient when it really came down to it. Holding out some sort of microphone looking device, Todd began to climb the stairs.

“When this thing beeps, one of you needs to be ready to attack. If a demon has possessed Jackson, we will need to reevaluate our plan,” he said.

Step by step, we all climbed the stairs, one hand on the other’s shoulder. If physical contact was lost, then we had a seriously bad problem. It was a smart tactic, we could not get complacent now, especially with a possible demonic breach taking place with my little brother at the center of the attack.

We reached the top of the stairs and could hear some sort of struggle taking place in Jackson’s room. Something was absolutely attacking him as we could hear him yelling ‘stop!’ constantly. The sound of the yelling was not as loud as it should have been, there was definitely something demonic making sure we could not hear the true level of battle that was happening.

All three of us prepared ourselves in front of Jackson’s cracked bedroom door. Just from peering through the crack, it seemed as if there were a party going on in there. Shadows and figures broke the blue light slithering out of the cracked door. The shadows movements were swift and precise, at least from the angle of a peeper. Something was definitely happening and we needed to stop it right now.

I said, “Okay guys, Jackson is in there and it appears as if there are multiple entities inside with him. Let’s go save the day.”

Todd readied his device, I still was not sure what it did but he seemed extra confident with it in his hands so hopefully it was the end all, be all of paranormal fighting tools. Jennifer knew that only her words could help her or Jackson so she held back a bit and let us do the heavy lifting. It would come down to me, my pendant, and my inscripted hand stating I was the Ghost Slayer basically. Todd lifted the device as I was about to burst through the door.

He said, “Once you open the door, step aside and let me take a shot with this machine. It should shutter the minds of all the demons or spirits inside. Then we can rush in and grab Jackson.”

With one final calm breath, I kicked in the door with a monstrous kick and stepped aside, my eyes had not been gifted the sight of what was happening in the room. This left me without the knowledge of what I was about to have to fight or the state of my brother but those were the orders and Todd seemed ready to battle. The sound that was being blocked out was unleashed on us when the door opened. It was so loud, my hair blew back a bit.

Fighting the pain from the screeches and shrieks from the scattering demons, Todd activated the PEMs device. It shot a wide spread beam of light into the room and seemed to freeze the faceless spirits in place. With that buying us some time, I surged in and looked around the room for Jackson. He had taken shelter under his bed, his hands covering his ears and his eyes pinched tightly shut.

I said, “Jax, come out buddy! Come with me, I will get you out while the bad guys are stuck!”

I put my hand out, it was my inscripted hand, and Jackson grabbed it. Suddenly, the room erupted in what seemed like an explosion. The experience was similar to an explosion, fire, a loud boom, pure destruction, yet Jackson and I were fine. All of the demon spirits were vaporized as Todd was pushed backwards out of the door and into the hallway. How had we made this happen?

When the flames went out, there was absolutely no damage to the room or any of the items in it. Somehow, Jackson and I were able to defeat four or five demons without even meaning to do so. There had to be more to this event than we knew.

We had to get to The Wall meeting now, this had to be analyzed and we needed to determine what allowed us to do what we just did.

“I once saw someone die. Happiest they ever looked.”

-JA Boyce

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