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The Man of the Mist




The atmosphere drowned any sounds made and strangled all that breathed in its thick oxygen.

Nayomi shuddered as she shuffled for safety. Her eyes frantically scanned all that she could see, the thick mist severely hindering her view. Whimpers left her mouth at the stinging sensation her leg experienced as the gash wound wept blood in protest to the moving.

But she couldn’t stop. She can’t.

She needs to run.

To hide.

Silent whispers caressed her earlobes as phantom kisses. Her heartbeat was so violently against her ribcage that it was the only sound in the lifeless mist.



The only things that occupied her restless mind. The bruises that decorated Nayomi’s skin began to retaliate to her movements and flared each time her muscles twitched. She never faltered, however, the pain acting as a pushing factor and reminder that she had survived.

Out of everyone she had lived to tell the tale.

Scraping broke her momentary peace.

The sound of harsh metal scraping against the rough and bumpy pavement followed by the sound of sickly sweet humming caused Nayomi to falter in her escape.

Quiet curses spewed from her mouth along with some prayers.

Her victorious, slow walk became and limping jog to quickly find safety. The whine of the metal rang throughout her exhausted mind and furthered her anxiety. The more she ran, the louder the humming would become.

He’s coming.

He will find her.


Adrenaline flooded all veins and arteries within Nayomi’s body as she broke into a sprint. Blood retreated from her body faster. Her vision blurs as images of her friends haunt her.

‘You let us die.’

‘How could you leave us behind?’

I thought we were best friends.’

She collapsed.

Her breathing labored as the hums and whining of death approached her. All she could do is lay there, panting and dealing with the pain of blood loss.

Small cries left as she choked on her sobs once the figure stood above her, pitifully glaring at her exhausted figure.

The man crouched down, taking her chin in his hand and forcing her head up.

The world stood frozen as she looked at the man who caused so much pain and agony. The person who singlehandedly slaughtered her friends with no remorse. Who tortured her so badly that she was ready to accept death.

Her voice was merely a whisper. Swallowed by the thickness of the mist surrounding them.


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