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Parties are just about having fun and meeting new, exciting people. Keeping this in mind, I was getting ready to leave for the party at my colleague’s place. The day was Friday, so there was no pressure to work early in the morning the next day. I was definitely ready to enjoy myself thoroughly. As I was fixing my hair, I got a call from Tyler, my colleague at whose house the party would happen. I picked the call and said, “Tyler, don’t worry, I will be there on time.” To this, he responded, “You better be, Greg. Otherwise, you are not getting entry into my house.” As soon as he said this, the call got disconnected. I looked at my phone and realized that the battery was about to die.

I decided to charge it at Tyler’s house. I grabbed the keys to my bike and quickly left the house. I stood in the lobby area of the floor on which my apartment was, waiting for the lift to arrive. The building I lived in had ten floors, and I used to live on the sixth floor, which is why I felt lazy taking the stairs every time. Finally, the lift reached the seventh floor and stopped. I stood there for around two full minutes, but the lift didn’t move at all. Now I was getting impatient, so I decided to take the stairs. Just then, the lift arrived. As soon as I stepped into the lift, the lights went out. “You have to be kidding me,” I said out loud. I was getting frustrated at this point. I immediately stepped out of the open lift and went towards the staircase. I opened the door that led to the flight of stairs on the sixth floor. I started going down as fast as I could. Finally, I reached the ground floor and pushed the heavy door separating the stairs from the rest of the building.

The door didn’t move at all. I was confused. I pushed it harder, but nothing happened. My frustration level went up suddenly. I ran up to the first floor and tried opening the door. Again, the door didn’t move even a centimeter. Confused and angry, I checked the door on every floor, all in vain. One thing that felt off was that the stairs from the ground floor till the fifth floor felt weird and unstable. I then reached the sixth floor and took a sigh of relief as I knew that this door would open as I had just used it five minutes ago. I pushed the door, but nothing happened. This is the moment when panic filled me. I took my phone out and called my neighbor Vlad. He picked up the phone and said, “What is it you want, Greg?” I could clearly hear the disapproval in his voice. I replied, “I don’t mean to disturb you, Vlad, and I wouldn’t have called if it wasn’t absolutely essential. I am stuck in the staircase. The doors are not opening. I need your help.” I waited for him to say something but all that was there was complete silence. “Vlad, are you there? Hello, Vlad?” I still got no response. I looked at my phone and realized that it had died. Not knowing what to do, I decided to check the doors on the higher floors. All I needed was an open door which I could use to make it to the lift, and by the way, who locks a staircase anyways?

I went through all the floors till I reached the tenth floor. I tried to open the door, but nothing happened. Disappointed, I decided to go back down to the sixth floor and wait when I saw a piece of paper lying on the ground. It was some sort of NOTICE. I picked it up and started reading. “The staircase in the building will remain shut with effect from Friday night till Monday morning due to renovations going on from the ground floor till the fifth floor. The stairs can collapse, causing major and serious injuries. Therefore, refrain from using the staircase is requested.” My head was spinning. This was too much information for me. If I didn’t find a way to get out of here, I would have to sit here till Monday morning, without food, water, and the internet. “I cannot possibly do this!”

I exclaimed as I slowly sat down on the stairs between the tenth and the ninth floor. Two hours must have passed when I realized that there was a window right in front of me. There was a window on the fifth floor and one on the tenth floor. The one on the fifth floor was off-limits; after all, who would want to fall straight through the stairs to their death. So I went ahead and opened the window. I stuck my head out and started screaming as loud as I could, but the people walking underneath on the street could not hear anything. Then I decided to do something that would literally cost me a lot in the future. I decided to throw my phone down the window. It is not a great idea, but I was willing to do anything to get out of there. I threw my phone down the window in hopes of the people noticing it hit the ground and then looking up or it hitting someone’s head and them looking up to check what had happened. All of this was in vain. Nobody even cared about why a phone fell from the sky and hit the ground right next to them.

I had lost all hope when I had another idea. Every window in the building had a platform built right over them. I went out of the window and stepped onto the platform nearest to where the tenth-floor window was. As I was standing outside on the platform, I realized that it was the stupidest idea ever and that I would fall to my death if I didn’t go back in through the window I came out of. Slowly and carefully, I managed to get back into the building. Disappointed, scared, and angry, I decided to go down to the sixth floor and sit until I died of hunger and thirst. I sat on the sixth floor; five hours passed by (I am not even sure anymore) when I heard a knock on the massive door that opened from the staircase into the sixth-floor corridor. I jumped up, went to the door, and pressed my ear against the cold door. “Help! Help me, please. I have been stuck here for almost a day now. I am hungry and thirsty. Please help me get out of here! I am going insane. Please save me.” I screamed as loud as I possibly could, crying as I struggled to finish my sentence.

After a short moment of silence, I heard laughter coming from the other side of the door. The laughter sounded very familiar. I immediately said, “Vlad, is that you? Help me, please.” As soon as I said this, I got a response, “You are getting what you deserve, Greg. Since the time you have moved into this building, my life has become miserable, all the times you disturbed me, sometimes with all the loud music you play all night long, sometimes with all that unnecessary help you require. Even after telling you not to trouble me, you never listened to anything I said. Now face the consequences. Anyways, all I am doing is ensuring that you don’t have a life anymore. As you already know, these doors are not opening before Monday.” He laughed as he continued, “I wish you all the very best on surviving till Monday in that staircase.” All I could hear after that was his laughter slowly fading away. 

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