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The Night Stalker

The street seemed eerie and deserted as I made my way towards my apartment, which was situated on the other end of town.

I had attended a friend’s birthday party full of merry-making with a couple of other friends.

The party was fun and full of laughter, but we all had a bit too much to drink, so everyone had decided to order taxis to get home. I didn’t order a taxi as I could not afford to splash out the cash.

I was stupid enough to think that I could walk the 2 miles home by myself in high heels. My feet were aching so much that I had to take them off and walk barefoot for the rest of the way.

I knew I should have ordered a taxi I thought to myself as I made my way down another cold and dark empty street. I only had the street lamps to light my way, giving me only a little comfort and even then they only projected a slight aura of light throughout the deserted street.

My feet slapped against the pavement sending a loud echo throughout the darkened night.

The only signs of life seemed to reside from a few apartment windows above casting an eerie glow across the pavement, making my shadow look elongated and stretched.

The mannequins from the storefronts watched me as I walked past their decorative displays.

Puddles of water from the rain pour the night before shimmered off of the moonlight.

A few of the trees that lined the pavement swayed slightly in the cold breeze, sending a flurry of autumn coloured leaves to the road below.

A car sped quickly past me, its tires screeching across the tarmac of the road, whilst its deafening music blasted from the speakers.

Although the music was annoying, It did give me a little comfort that I was not completely alone.

A few seconds later the music stopped and the car disappeared, sending the street into a lifeless silence again.

I turned the corner onto another secluded street. My feet started to freeze from the cold cracked pavement beneath me as I quickened my pace.

I looked into the reflection of a storefront window as I passed, noticing a dark silhouette on the opposite side of the road staring straight at me.

My heart started to pace faster as the sound of footsteps started to approach me from behind.

I clutched my bag tightly to my chest not looking back and grabbed my apartment keys from the little pocket inside my jacket.

I placed one of the keys between my knuckles for protection as I had nothing else to protect myself in case anything happened.

I quickened my pace again and the footsteps behind me also sped up to match my pace.

I knew the procedure for being stalked by an unknown assailant as I saw a news article about it a few weeks ago.

1- Make sure that they are following you by quickening your pace and slowing down to see if their pace matches yours.

2- If you have nothing to protect yourself then use your keys and place them in between your knuckles in case you are attacked.

3- Find the nearest public place and call for assistance but do not make your assailant know that you know they are following you.

That was all that I could remember from the article, but I knew that that was enough for me to know that the situation I had found myself in was very dangerous.

Unfortunately at this time of night, there were very few open places, which made it even harder for me to find a safe place.

So I crossed the road to the other side of the pavement with my heart pounding so loudly in my chest, that it was difficult to hear the footsteps creeping ever so close behind me.

I was only 10 minutes away from home but it felt more like an eternity for me.

Anything could happen in 10 minutes.

The dark silhouette followed me to the other side of the road, which made it quite clear that I was being followed.

I turned to my right and then to my left, trying to find a way to get out of this terrifying situation.

I knew that if I led this assailant to my house then he would know where I live, which made me panic even more.

Terror and fear coursed throughout my body. My hands were shaking, but not from the cold breeze, it was from adrenaline running through my veins.

Where should I go?

There was nowhere else to go which would be safe for me apart from my home.

Even though he would know where I live, I would be safe and secure, as he would not be able to get in.

I could make out that I lived with someone who would push the assailant away.

There was only one problem.

The only way to get to my apartment is to pass through a narrow alleyway to get to the other side of the street, which was situated at the end of this road.

The pavement ahead looked so unfamiliar in the darkness that it was hard to distinguish the start of the alleyway, even though I walk this way most days to work.

I walked on briskly, trying my hardest not to take a look over my shoulder at him. I could still hear his footsteps from behind, but now they started to sound more like a scuffling sound than footsteps themselves.

My senses start to widen. I listened intently to his scuffling footsteps as I hustled on through the cold night, edging closer towards my safety.

Just another few minutes and I will be there.

The entrance of the alleyway ahead looked dark and foreboding, but I knew that I had to go through it to get home.

I should not have to feel like this. I should not have to feel scared and threatened whilst I walk home. I should not need to carry something for protection, especially in this day and age.

But unfortunately, the world is full of bad people as well as good.

The sound of footsteps came closer.

Anger started to rise inside me as thoughts whirled themselves around inside my mind.

I got to the front entrance of the alleyway and stopped to look over my shoulder to see who was following me, even though I knew that I shouldn’t have taken a look.


Nothing but an empty street lay before me.

Where was my assailant?

Fear groped my throat, as here I was standing in front of a dark alleyway in the early hours of the morning with no shoes on, and only a light jacket over my cocktail dress to keep me warm.

I was a walking target.

I should have gotten a taxi.

It’s too late now.

I must carry on and get home.

Paranoia started to rear its ugly head as I took my first step into the dark and dank alleyway.

The alley looked narrow and exceedingly dirty. There were large dumpsters full of flowing cardboard boxes and other debris falling out. The rank odour coming from the dumpsters assaulted my nostrils, making me hold my breath as I took another step into the alley.

The more steps that I would take, the more the alley would echo my footsteps back to me as if it was mocking my paranoid behaviour, copying the sound of the assailant’s footsteps. It made me look over my shoulder multiple times to see if I was still being followed but it was only the taunting echoes of my footsteps as I walked.

I took another step and then another until I realised that I was already halfway through.

The alley starts to elongate in my mind, making me hurry down the narrow stretch even faster.

Was that another set of footsteps that I can hear?

I stopped in my tracks and listened carefully to the approaching footsteps.

There was definitely someone else here with me and not just the taunting echoes from the alley.

I carried on through the alley but this time I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and didn’t look back once.

I could see the light streaming into the alley coming from the headlamp from across the street.

I was nearly there.

The footsteps behind were getting closer and were now sprinting at full force towards me.

The apartment buildings above me loomed over my head looking dark, oppressive, and shadowy as if they were arching over us, watching to see who wins the race.

I ran out of the ally and straight towards my apartment with haste. My apartment looked so warm and welcoming. It was the only building on my street with a light still on.

I had accidently left the bedroom light on before I had left earlier, which I suppose goes in my favour as it looks like someone is already home.

My heartfelt as if it was about to jump out of my mouth. My throat burned, screaming at me to stop running. I felt nauseous as the cocktails that I had drunk earlier sloshed and turned around inside my stomach, mixing its own form of cocktail.

The apartment complexes in front of me looked like they were moulding into one big building. They looked so pushed together with little room to manoeuvre, apart from a small but neat looking pathway leading out onto the pavement.

My apartment was on the third floor.

I ran up the pathway and yanked open the front door leading into the foyer that led to either the large staircase or to the lifts that were neatly tucked into the corner.

I chose the lift as I didn’t think my legs would be able to take me any further.

I hurried towards the lift and pressed the button which was illuminated with green light.

The foyer door opened behind me.

“Please open!” I screeched to the lift as terrified tears ran down both cheeks.

Finally, the lift doors squealed opened and I ran in. I punched the button for the third floor and waited for the doors to close.

I looked up at the mirror situated at the back of the lift, feeling a sense that someone was watching me.

There he was, standing in the middle of the foyer dressed in a dark hooded jacket and black jogging bottoms, staring straight at me.

The lift doors started to close slowly.

He sprinted towards me at a fast pace with an evil glint in his eyes.

“No!” I screamed.


The lift doors opened on the third floor, but no one was there.

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