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Is Simily The New Medium? 

There is no doubt about it, Medium is a great place to publish content. I make more than $1000 a month on Medium, it’s an excellent side hustle. If you want, you can make Medium your full-time gig although, I wouldn’t recommend putting all your eggs in one basket. 

I recently joined Simily, I plan to document my journey on this platform and see how it goes. People are calling Similty the new Medium because it offers better rates than platforms like Vocal and Hubpages. The question is, can we start calling Simily the new Medium? Is it too early? 

Simily pays $20 per thousand views at the moment, the monthly is slightly more than the Medium monthly fee which is $4.99. Simily charges $6.99 or $69 per year for unlimited access to the platform. 

One of the things I really love about Simily is the fact that you can send messages to your fellow writers, you can join and create groups, and you can comment on articles. The community features are far better than any other social blogging platform out there at the moment. 

Also, they offer Paypal as a payment option which is refreshing because Stripe is probably the worst payment platform out there. Paypal is actually pretty terrible too but at least you get your money instantly. Stripe make you wait for up to two weeks, sometimes more before you receive your money which is disturbing. 

I don’t think we can call Simily the new Medium just yet but I do think it has potential. I will definitely be posting more and more content on here to see how it goes. 

So far, I have earned 4 cents from one article. Not much at all but I guess I haven’t put much effort into promoting my content. 

My plan is to create one piece of content per day, maybe more and see how it goes from there. 

I am curious to find out how things are going for other Simily writers. 

Leave comments below, how are things going for you? 

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